Question of the Week: Why Are You Thankful for Your Beads?

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in the U.S., and now that we've got the leftovers in the refrigerator and are settling in to decorating for the holidays, I thought I'd ask our panel of artists and experts why they are thankful for their beads!

Nancy Dale: I am thankful for my beads for two huge reasons- they helped me to keep my sanity when I was having a very rough time just getting through each day (and still do!), because I first learned beading as a relaxation/meditation technique to calm my anxiety.  I am also thankful for them in that they help me contribute to my household in a concrete way (income), whereas I am not able to work a 'regular' job.

Mikki Ferrugiaro: I'm thankful for my beads because they allow me to make a living from my designs skills. Beads let me bring all my training in various arts and crafts into one solid thing. I'm especially thankful for seed beads because they allow me to create anything I want.


Debbie Blair: Being the mother of a two year old allows for very little "me time." I am thankful that my beads give me a creative outlet where I can sit alone in my studio and play. I am also thankful that it's an activity that the two of us will be able to share. My daughter already loves wearing the things I've made, and will one day share in the fun of creating jewelry with her mommy!

Jean Campbell: Not only do my beads help me make a living, but they also act as meditation devices, muses, and general cheerer-uppers. I am very thankful for them!

Beki Haley: I am thankful for beads because they define my life and make me who I am.  Beads have been in my life since I was a child.  By my early teens I was selling simple beaded earrings and anklets to my friends at school.  By my late teens I was selling much more elaborate pieces of beadwork at art and crafts shows and music events.  In my early 20's I opened my bead store and was able to teach this amazing artform to anyone interested.  The sale of my beadwork and beads and teaching classes has helped my husband and I to raise four amazing children and allowed us the time to spend much of their childhood involved with them in their sports and other interests.  I am blessed beyond measure that beads found me at such an early age. And I am thankful every single day of my life to be surrounded by their beauty. 

Kerrie Slade: We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK as such, but that doesn't stop me being thankful – especially for my beads!  Those dazzling bits of glass are like my best friends: they don't hurt me and they don't judge, they can lift my spirits when I'm down and take my mind off things when times get tough, they give me free reign to try and make my dreams come true and maybe best of all, they help me to connect with other like minded people from all over the world.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Margie Deeb: I am most grateful for two of many gifts from beads: Beads have taught me unlimited  (almost) patience. Beads have opened the doors to amazing and beautiful people for me to know, enjoy and love.

Kelli Burns: In the chaotic times that holidays inevitably bring – my beads are peace, solace, calm and provide a creative outlet. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and eats too much and has fun with family and friends.

There are so many reasons I'm thankful for my beads: for the hours of relaxation and pleasure they bring me; for the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people who love beads as much as I do; and for allowing me to earn a living doing something that I love so much!

What are your reasons for being thankful for your beads? Share them here on the blog, and Happy Thanksgiving to all of our U.S. readers!

Bead Happy,


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