Question of the Week: What's Your Favorite New Beading Product?

It seems like every time I turn around, there's a new bead, beading supply or beading tool available at shows and online. I thought I'd ask our panel of experts and artists what their favorite new beading product was.

Carol Dean Sharpe: I am completely smitten with the new Tulip beading needles. I finally managed to bend one the other day, but only after many, many hours of beading on several embellished right-angle weave and Sand Fibers Ripples cuffs. An extra bonus is that they are easy to thread with even 10 lb. Fireline. Can't beat that!
Kelli Burns: I'm in love with all the new fire-polished coatings available at York beads. The vast array of color options now available in the Czech bead line is certainly not the same as it was when I opened my bead shop. The special coatings are also being used in the Toho seed bead line providing us with great new hybrids! If you're a jewelry designer, these new fire-polished coatings give you more color choices at lower price points.
Shelley Nybakke: My favorite new items (well, new to me, anyway!) are Lucite flowers I just purchased from the Hole Bead Shoppe. My favorite colors, which are in fact new, are the scarlet and jet flowers, especially the roses. I also like the trumpet and iris flowers. I have a very nice stash of them and one of these days will actually get around to making the "Heart Slightly Chipped" necklace I originally had in mind for them. The minute I saw those incredible red roses, I knew I had to own an entire bush!
Kerrie Slade: I guess they are not so new anymore, but I'm still loving the Tila beads by Miyuki. When my local bead shop sent me a sample of these curious looking, flat, square beads with two holes, I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them. They were so different from the seed beads that I normally use! After some beady experiments, though, I found that they actually work perfectly with my beloved seed beads, opening up all sorts of new design possibilities, so they are a welcome and exciting addition to my stash!
Michelle Mach: I'm in love with Gilder's paste. I use it on metal, but it also works on wood and ceramic. It's easy to use and easy to clean up, which is a bonus for someone who always seems to have permanent ink and paint stains on her hands!
Betcey Ventrella: Crystal Clay! It's a two-part epoxy that is easily mixed and formed into any shape. Working time is about and hour and a half, and the clay is completely hardened in twenty four hours with no baking! You can press Swarovski Elements chatons (or any pointed-back stones or beads) into the surface of the clay and create delicious pave-style jewelry – instant gratification!
Margie Deeb: I am in love with my new thread zapper. I can get in between beads and cut my thread! No frayed tails sticking out! But one must zap responsibly – I accidentally zapped a chain of tubular herringbone in half.

What's your favorite new beading product? Is it the new peanut beads from Miyuki? Or maybe you're totally into a new style of chain or hand-dyed silk ribbon? Share your favorite beading product here on the blog, and tell us where you got it!

Happy Beading!


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