Question of the Week: How Do You "Recharge" Your Creativity?

As much as we all love beads and are constantly inspired by them, sometimes it helps to take a little creative break and step away from the beads (and the computer!) for a while. I practice yoga every morning before breakfast, and my morning stretches are where I can just relax my mind and focus on my breathing and my surroundings. Taking my mind away from the beads actually helps me come up with new beading projects and better solutions when I get "stuck" on something in my current beading projects. In the summer, I also enjoy taking a break from beading and the heat to go for a swim with my husband and son. Swimming is one of those things that lets me work my muscles and relax my mind!

So this week, I asked our panel of bead artists and experts: How do you recharge your batteries when you need a creative break?

Mikki Ferrugiaro: At the moment I turn to sewing and crochet but I hope to get back to doing some theatre and painting when I finally move back to California. I also take a vacation from life everyday by losing myself in a book.

Nancy Dale: When I need to recharge, I usually take to reading.  I love books, and I will go to a novel, something that will take me completely away from beads and beading for a little while.  I find this much more relaxing than watching television or movies, as my brain is engaged, but not so much visually.  I tend to come back to the table with visual 'ideas' much more when I've read then when I've watched a show.  I have also found that I find inspiration in fiction, especially when a novelist is describing period costumes, such as in a romance novel.  

Jean Campbell: Exercise is key for me. If I don't get out and stretch the gams everyday, the creative side of my brain begins to resemble a raisin.

Kerrie Slade: As much as I adore my beads and beadwork, occasionally the business side of it can get a bit overwhelming: specific things to create, deadlines to meet, tutorials to write, places to be etc. and all of that sometimes causes me to feel a bit stressed and kind of blocks my imagination.  When that happens, although my first thought is that I can't spare the time, I find that the best thing for me is to actually make the time for a walk in the woods.  Rain or shine, that never seems to fail for me and the combination of stretching my legs, taking deep breaths of pine-scented air, catching glimpses of buzzards and hares and the magical whispering of the leaves on the trees always seems to create a sense of calm and helps me to reconnect to my creativity.

Rosanne Andreas: I don't need recharging. Daily life brings inspiration to me all the time. Be it walking in the woods, visiting a museum, or having tea with friends. I have patterns and beads dancing in my head all the time. It's like wearing eye glasses that turn everything I look at into a beaded object. Very….Alice in Wonderlandish I suppose.

SaraBeth Cullinan: I'd like to say that yoga and meditation, belly dance, crochet, and/or cross-stitch is my first line of defense against "beader's block."  And while all those things really do help, the mundane truth of it would seem to be that my muse likes shiny bathrooms and dust free furniture, because I have found cleaning the house to be the biggest help to me when I need to recharge my creative batteries.

What about you? Do you enjoy another type of craft when it comes to giving your beady brain a break? Or maybe you're like those of us who prefer physical activity when we need to give your minds a rest. Share your favorite ways to recharge here and let's keep the conversation going!

Bead Happy,


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