Practice Your Basic Beading Skills With These Great Beading Projects

One of the things that I've been writing about for a couple of years now are basic beading skills. These are the skills that you'll find yourself using again and again on your beading journey. I've always told my students that learning how to do these skills will not only make your time spent beading more enjoyable, but they will also help you to create beaded jewelry that will last for a lifetime-or longer!

Check out my five beading project picks to help you brush up on your basic beading skills:

1. Read a peyote stitch pattern. Brush up on your peyote skills when you create this bold and easy graphic peyote-stitch cuff bracelet. Carol Dean Sharpe's Trendy Circles can be made in any color combination you like, and it will let you practice reading a peyote-stitch pattern. Easy enough for a beginner to stitch, it also appeals to more experienced beaders who want to make something beautiful.


2. Adding a new thread. Learning how to securely add and end your beading thread throughout a project is probably the most important beading skill that I teach my students. The last thing you want to do after spending hours and hours working on a beading project is to have it come apart at the place where you joined a new thread! In Carole Rodgers's American Treasure necklace, you'll get to learn four different beadweaving techniques while adding and ending threads for each step of the project.

3. Use a crimping pliers. Learning how to properly use your crimping pliers can make all the difference when you want to create beaded jewelry that lasts. Make Danielle Fox's multi-strand Royal Arachnid bracelet (featuring a very cool or very creepy focal piece) and brush up on your basic crimping skills.

4. Make a wrapped loop. Perfect your wrapped loop when you make Lisa Kan's Turning Leaf necklace. It uses craft wire and richly colored freshwater pearls to make your own wire-wrapped chain. Once you finish this necklace, you'll be making beautiful wrapped loops in your sleep!

5. Choosing your colors. Barb Switzer's stunning Violette Necklace is a perfect harmony of color and form. Use the colors as they are shown in the project or choose your own harmonious color palette to personalize this intricate beaded masterpiece.

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What do you think is the most important basic beadwork skill for beginners? Leave a comment on the blog, or better yet, let's head over to the Forums and talk about it!

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