The Power of Finishing Touches

Many times, designing identity materials for our jewelry takes more energy than making the actual pieces! Today’s jewelry designer who sells at craft and gallery shows or sells into stores and galleries must have professional-looking hang tags and earring cards or labels. Otherwise, your jewelry might be turned down by a buyer before your crystals have even had a chance to sparkle!

Gone are the days when jewelry designers could use generic cards or labels with string tags and handwritten prices. There’s so much competition and saturation in the jewelry market. Personalizing your cards, tags, and labels will set you apart from the sea of muted-color cards with swirly fonts commonly used to label jewelry.


You want to spend time and creative effort developing the look and content of your hang tags. Here are some options in addition to your name, contact information, website, and logo: materials used in a particular piece, a special name for the line or piece of jewelry, carat weight (this doesn’t just apply to diamonds—every stone has a carat weight), your inspiration, or a whimsical saying.

You could also do a combination of printed and handwritten information. For example, you could print pictures or your color logo on one side of photo-quality card stock, then cut it down to size and write on the back—if you have beautiful handwriting. Or print each piece’s individual story on labels that can be adhered to the hang tag. Experiment with different card stocks, textures, and colors to create a signature look for each of your designs.

Powerful labeling connects with your customer on a deeper emotional level. It’s your finishing touch, an expression of your identity as an artist, and a reflection of the care and quality you invest in each jewelry design. Your presentation says to the world, “This piece is really special.” It also says you are confident about your work. And now the buyer will be, too.

Finishing jewelry tips. Jewelry by Kristal Wick.

Jewelry by Kristal Wick.

—Viki Lareau

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Jewelry shown by award-winning jewelry designer Kristal Wick.

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