Polymer Clay Bead Making Techniques: Learn How to Make a Skinner Blend

Learning how to make a Skinner blend opens up a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to bead making with polymer clay. A big thank-you to Iris Weiss of Polyform Products for sharing this free polymer clay bead making tutorial with us.

How to Make a Polymer Clay Skinner Blend

Select two colors to be used in this blend. Cut a square out of each color and stack the triangles together to join with the other color.

Trim so that the top and bottom have their corners trimmed off.

Run through the thickest setting on your pasta machine. Fold the clay, lining up the sides and run through the pasta machine. Repeat folding and running through, making sure to always fold in the same direction.

After multiple times, the blend will begin to develop. Reduce the thickness on your pasta machine to the next thinnest setting and roll through.

Trim your blended piece to neaten it up. You can use your Skinner blend like this by slicing off a thin piece and use it as an applique on a polymer clay bead or cabochon.
Begin rolling very carefully and tightly along the long edge so that the blend runs lengthwise.

Begin working the clay inward, starting at the ends, compressing it until you have a fat plug of clay.

You can now use this piece of clay for a variety of canes!

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