Plotting Your Next Bead Adventure

Plotting Your Next Bead Adventure

I was just checking out the classes at Bead Fest Philadephia and having a nice dream about taking classes from one of the top-notch teachers who will be there this August 21-24. Sometimes it’s hard to make trips like this a reality, but being the superb plotter that I am, I’ve developed a quick plan on how I could make it happen:

The show is about 15 weeks away, so I have some time to ferret away money for the trip. First, I’ll cut $20 out of the grocery budget every week between now and then. (No one will notice that I’ve used T.V.P. in the weekly casserole instead of hamburger, right?) There’s my plane ticket. Next, I’ll take my hairdresser up on her offer of bartering family haircuts for beading lessons. There’s my hotel and food. And I think I’ll ask for an advance on my birthday present. Class fee. That was easy!

Manning the Ship
How will I get out of work? Hmm. Well, I could bring my laptop along and work on the plane and in my hotel room . . . Who am I kidding—I want to have fun! I’d just have to take a couple days off. I guess I’m more worried about the homefront, which turns into something from a post-apocalyptic nightmare whenever I leave home for an extended period of time. The show is the end of August, though—a perfect time to ship the kids to Wisconsin to hang out with their cousins.

All right, now I’m really getting into this! I’ll have to pack. Jeans and a T-shirt every day, because I’ll be the student, not the teacher. Easy! So I’ll really just have to think about packing supplies for learning. I know it’s important to bring all the essentials, but I don’t want things weighing me down. I’ll have to pick between a selection of beading travel kits:

1. Freewheeler
This combo is a little like putting a toothbrush and clean underwear in your purse. You’re one of those people who’s always prepared for a happenstance beading adventure. It includes a work mat, needles, nail clipper, and credit card. You could travel with this kit anywhere (including on planes) and it’s small enough to fit into your back pocket. If I brought this on my fantasy trip, I’d plan on buying a kit for the class and leaving everything else to chance.


2. Kitchen Sink
This studio-on-wheels is the picture of overkill, since it includes beads, thread, wire, wireworking tools, a few different working surfaces, and a bunch of other stuff I probably won’t need (except the chocolate, of course).



3. Sensible Shoes

This set-up is no-nonsense, much like a pair of sensible shoes. It’s made with a deep-profile metal case lined with a removeable Vellux mat, a spool of my favorite thread, needles, beeswax, scissors, chain-nose pliers, bead scoop, thread burner, and a place to clip the class instructions. It’s small enough to pop in my huge purse, but large enough to work on and hold my in-progress project. Probably my best bet for a show like Bead Fest.

Looks like I have my plans made. Now all I need is the moxie to click the button and sign up.

Are you going to Bead Fest or traveling for bead lessons this summer? Are you a Freewheeler, Kitchen Sink, or Sensible Shoes traveler? Let us all know on the website.

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