Pick Your Fave: Embellished Metal for Jewelry-Making and Fiber Arts

Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
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As a teacher in the creative field, one of my greatest delights is taking classes from other teachers. I'm just like you, I pore over the show catalogs, bending the corners of the pages to mark which classes I want to take, eagerly devouring each design with my heart fluttering as it did when I was a kid perusing the Sears holiday catalog-(Easy-Bake Oven and Incredible Edibles are still my top gifts from Santa, although I was saddened by my recent research-to discover Incredible Edibles was removed from the marketplace due to a carcinogen).

I lead a slightly schizophrenic teaching lifestyle, torn between mixed-media jewelry-making and fiber art. Each one demands my attention 24-7, and I gladly bounce back and forth, happiest when I can combine the two together in a single application or project. Mary Hettmansperger is another kindred soul, mixing and mingling surprising elements resulting in textured masterpieces that turn out fabulous every time. I was lucky to take a fiber jewelry class from Mary last year and thoroughly enjoyed diving into her style of mixing and mingling various types of media, particularly metals and fiber. A little known tidbit about Mary is that she created the fabric panels on the new set of the PBS series, Beads Baubles and Jewels. Be sure to take a peek.

Inspired by Mary's new DVD, Metal Embellishments: Incorporating Wire, Foil, Metal Sheeting & More into Fiber Art, I made my own quilt embellishments. Mind you, jewelry folks, these jewels make great necklaces or key chains as well as quilt dangles. I just love adding three-dimensional elements to my wall art quilts and these little baubles were a blast to make. Which one is your favorite?

1) Getting Back to Nature

2) Paw Print Pin

3) Key to My Heart

1) Getting Back to Nature

Here's a little chickadee stamped metal resined bezel with crystal embellishments. Sweet and simple, perfect-for my natured-inspired quilts that need a touch of sparkle.


2) Calling All Jewelry-Making Animal Lovers

Just the right touch for an animal inspired quilt, this focal piece is a metal resined bezel, embellished with Swarovski flat-back crystals. I then added one of my Sassy Silky fabric beads with paw prints to a head pin; threw in more crystals, and dangled a paw charm from the bottom.


3) Key to My Heart

Another feathered friend, this rosy robin metal resined bezel is adorned with a miniature key encapsulated inside the resin. I didn't add any bling to this creation as I have it in mind for a more rustic, organic quilt design.

Attach any of these baubles with a few stitches to the middle of a quilt as a focal piece or dangle them from the bottom edge of the quiltyour choice. Join me in the thrill of exploring many other cool techniques in Metal Embellishments: Incorporating Wire, Foil, Metal Sheeting & More into Fiber Art.

Come bead with me.


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