Peyote-Stitch Magic Wand

Peyote Stitch Magic Wand

This week's featured project, Star-Topped Magic Wand by Sylvia Becker, is from a sold-out issue of Beadwork magazine. Here's why I chose this holiday project for Beading Daily:

  • Inspiration. I like projects that serve as a jumping off point for my own creations. If you'd rather not make a beaded wand, you can use this project as the basis for peyote-stitched Christmas ornaments. Or 4th of July coasters. Or make tiny versions for earrings. Or use the stars to embellish a denim jacket. Or something else entirely!
  • Peyote stitch! Whether you think it's easy or not, peyote stitch is the most popular offloom technique.
  • Beaded holiday decor. Some beaders like to occasionally create non-jewelry projects, especially for the holidays. (Be sure to take the home decor poll if you want to see more non-jewelry projects–or not.)

The star begins with a circle of 90 size 11 seed beads. My sample circle measured approximately 1 3/4 inches across. The star is shaped from the outside in, decreasing at the points. The instructions assume that you have some experience using one- and two-drop peyote stitch and creating decreases. I'd love to see examples of this project by Beading Daily readers.

Peyote Stitch Tip

"A thin, single thread will produce a flexible, soft, piece that lies flat like fabric. For a stiff, freestanding piece, use thick and/or double thread. The heavier the thread, the stiffer the piece."–Beading with Peyote Stitch by Jeannette Cook and Vicki Star 

Coming Wednesday: An interview with bead artist Natasha St. Michael, plus a last-minute Halloween beading idea.

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Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. She worked on her challenge project over the weekend–did you finish yours? Deadline is this Friday, November 2.

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