Pearls We Love: Large Holed Freshwater Pearls

Yes, you read that right! While I was in Tucson, I started hearing about these wonderful large holed pearls, but never had the chance to find some for myself. Once I got home, I was browsing online at A Grain of Sand and discovered that among their "New Finds" were these amazing large holed freshwater pearls!

Large holed freshwater pearls come in a range of colors.

These large holed freshwater pearls come in several different colors, and are all about 10mm around in the classic potato pearl shape. And yes, they really have large holes! With holes measuring around 2.5mm, you can easily fit a toothpick or a piece of 2mm leather cord through each pearl, making them perfect for designs strung on leather or even silk ribbon.

These large holed freshwater pearls can accommodate a leather cord up to 2mm.

The design possibilities for these gorgeous large holed freshwater pearls are just about endless. I love the idea that I can use them with my other large-holed beads for stringing projects. I love using freshwater pearls in my jewelry making projects, but pearls have always required a little extra thought when I want to incorporate them because the holes of most freshwater pearls are just so small! With these freshwater pearls, I can include some of my favorite beads and design elements in pretty much any projects I have in mind.

When using the large holed freshwater pearls, make sure to use a toothpick or small beading awl to remove the little bits from the center of the holes before you string them.

A great and easy stringing project uses these new large holed freshwater pearls mixed with some vintage Lucite from The Beadin' Path!

A Grain of Sand is selling these pearls by the 8" strand for between $15 and $24. My 8" strand of cream colored large holed freshwater pearls contained twenty-eight pearls, which were more than enough for a necklace, bracelet and a pair of matching earrings.

What do you think of these new large holed freshwater pearls? Will you try them in your next jewelry making project? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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