Pearls Never Go Out of Style!

I really didn't intend on using all these crystal pearls in my bead embroidered collar. But they found their way in, just the same!

I really wasn't planning on using pearls in my latest big piece of bead embroidery. This piece was the first large-scale piece of bead embroidery that I attempted since having my son four years ago, and I was delighted to find that that the beads still spoke to me in ways that I would never expect at the beginning of a project.

I shouldn't have been surprised when I found myself embellishing these handmade ceramic cabochons with crystal pearls – pearls have been one of my favorite beads for jewelry-making since I started beading over twenty years ago. (I might have mentioned that before when I told you about the drawers of pearl strands in my bead stash!) It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that's been totally captivated by pearls: the oldest pearl jewelry ever discovered during an archeological dig was dated back over 9,000 years ago!

If you think pearls are just for a fancy night at the opera, think again. Pearls can be used for pretty much any style of jewelry. Take a look at four of my favorite jewelry-making projects featuring pearls:

While I certainly can't imagine June Cleaver wearing this bracelet, Kate McKinnon's Vine of Pearls Bracelet is a classy piece of pearl jewelry that can be worn for everyday or for special occasions. Practice your basic wire work skills while you make up this luscious bracelet, and you'll just be looking for excuses to wear it!
Pearls can take on a softer, vintage look, too, like in my Talullah's Pearls necklace. This flowing necklace of pearls and bugle beads looks like a piece of jewelry you might find in an antique shop, but still looks great with your favorite t-shirt.
For a totally modern take on classic pearls, try Jean Power's Pearl and Crystal Brooch. The colors and lines of this striking pearl brooch remind me of the jewelry you'd see at a modern art museum, but the soft glow of the pearls makes this a classic piece of pearl jewelry that you can wear with anything.

Of course, you can still get a lot of mileage out of a classic strand of knotted pearls. Use these Classic Knotted Pearl instructions by Jaimie Hogsett to create your own heirloom strand of pearls! A simple strand of well-knotted pearls adds a touch of class to any outfit, whether you're heading to the office or to the grocery store.

Whether you're a bead weaver or a bead stringer, you're sure to find some inspiring jewelry pieces (including pearl jewelry designs!) in Bead Star 2011! Not only is it packed full of award-winning jewelry designs by some of today's best jewelry designers, it's also available as an instant download through Zinio! In seconds, you can have your own copy of Bead Star 2011 on your desktop, laptop or tablet computer and be planning your next jewelry-making weekend with friends.

Do you love using pearls in your jewelry-making projects? Share your thoughts here on the blog!

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