Pearls Fit For a Queen (Or a Princess)

In antiquity, members of a royal family were the only people legally permitted to wear pearls. That’s a shame, because it means that had I been alive in those days, I surely would have spent most of my life in jail for daring to wear one of my favorite kinds of beads: pearls!

I can’t explain what it is about the gentle luster of natural pearls, or the brighter sheen of crystal pearls that speaks to me, but whenever I’m at a bead shop or bead show, the first thing I start shopping for is pearls. I’ve actually got an entire drawer about 7 inches deep that is full of strands of freshwater pearls! And if I never get around to using them all up in my beading projects, that’s totally okay with me – sometimes, all I need to do is just run my fingers through them to make my day better.

Do you feel the need to do some beading with pearls? Check out some of my favorite pearl beading projects from the Beading Daily Shop:

Melody MacDuffee’s Pearly Twist Earrings are a perennial favorite of mine. These delicate wire and pearl earrings look just as great for special occasions as they do for my more casual days. The tiny seed pearls used to create these beaded earrings are just so sweet, I almost can’t stand it.

For something a little bolder in the pearl earring department, I love Claudia Chase’s A Whirl of Pearls beaded earrings. With a sparkling crystal rivoli as their centerpiece, you can’t go wrong when making these as gifts for friends.

Dottie Hoeschen’s Macrame Pearl Bracelet is the very definition of “casual elegance”. With the rich colors of the pearls being accented by the silky satin cord used to tie it all together, this is one pearl bracelet that you’ll want to wear every day.

Finally, with a nod to the regal heritage of pearls, I love this simple but stunning Duchess Pearl Necklace by Rachel McEnroe. It’s constructed using simple right-angle weave and beaded netting stitches, but will make you look like a million bucks!

Designers of beaded jewelry are still using pearls to give their beaded jewelry designs the “royal touch”, like the new Princess Charlotte bracelet by Christie Prince. This exclusive beaded bracelet kit is available only through Beading Daily, and includes all the beads and thread you need to stitch up this breathtaking pearl bracelet, accented with a stunning silver box clasp. Get your kit before they’re all gone!

Princess Charlotts Bracelet Kit

Do you have a favorite way to use pearls in your beading projects and designs? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and tell us why you love beading with pearls.

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