Pantone Spring Color Bead Swap

I love participating in bead swaps! I've already participated in three of Lori Anderson's fun Bead Soup Blog Parties, and I follow her and a couple of her beading groups out on Facebook. So when she asked for sign-ups for a Pantone Spring Color Bead Swap, I made sure to throw my hat into the ring.

Tanya sent me this amazing selection of gemstone beads all the way from Bangkok, Thailand!
The sweet little skeleton cellphone charm from Tanya!

When I participate in a bead swap, I almost always let the host know that I'm willing to ship internationally. I know it's a little bit of extra work to fill out the customs forms, and it's a slightly higher shipping cost than if I were exchanging with someone here in the United States, but I love how beads act as a common language throughout the world, and it's worth the extra effort to get a package of beads from someone on the other side of the world.

I wasn't disappointed when the swap partners were announced, and I found myself paired with Tanya Boden of FusionMuse. She specializes in silver and gemstones, and since I specialize in seed beads, we thought it would be great fun to swap packages of our own favorite types of beads. After all, what's the fun of a bead swap if you don't get pushed a little bit out of your artistic comfort zone? Even better, Tanya is located in Bangkok, Thailand, so my beads would be coming to me from halfway around the world!

The beads from Tanya were just beautiful. Bright, rich, pure colors, all corresponding to colors in the Spring 2012 Pantone Color forecast. I could barely contain myself as I held these gemstone beads in my hand, wondering what to make with them! Tanya even included a funky little cellphone charm for me: a skeleton, made with a carved bone skull, and limbs made from tiger eye and garnet. (I've never had a cellphone charm before! This one was just too much fun not to use!) She also included a nice coil of fine brass wire, which has me thinking that I need to make either a Viking knit chain or some other kind of wire weaving project.

Tanya made this beautiful, ethereal bracelet out of the beads and sequins I sent to her as part of the bead swap.

A couple of days later, Tanya posted a picture of what she did with the seed beads and sequins that I sent her. I could hardly believe what I was seeing: Tanya had created an amazing and delicate bracelet out of some of the larger seed beads and the shimmering, translucent sequins that I sent her!

Now it's my turn. This week, I'll have to take some of those gorgeous gemstone beads from Tanya and turn them into a piece of beaded jewelry. What will I create? Stay tuned to find out!

Bead Happy,


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