Pangur Ban Rosary

Second in my Secret of Kells rosary series.

This is Pangur Ban, everyone's favorite white cat with heterochromia. Heterochromia, for those not in the know, is the scientific term for 'dual-colored eyes'.

Pangur was on delay due to missing charms at the time; the post office ate them. Thankfully, they came in; a pewter sleeping cat and silver/enamel flowers and butterflies accented in fake gems. They did finally come in, as you can see.

The beads are glass and gemstone. We have white pearls and white Italian onyx in the Hail Mary strings for his fur, moss agate, turquoise, cracked blue glass, and glass painted bright green beads for his eyes.

I actually had to take half of the main loop apart. I was upset due to work and tried to use the rosary to calm me down. Unfortunately, my hand was unsteady and I was crying a bit, so the links were screwy and uneven. Now, it's fixed and complete (again).

Pangur is, like most of the rest of the set, $300 at lowest. If one would like the whole set of eight to come, I'm asking 800.

Used a couple of the original design for the collage references. Once again, I did NOT draw the pictures; they are merely there to show who the character is and how the rosary itself correlates to them.

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