Out of This World Beading Projects

Space themed beading projects

Anything space-related immediately reminds me of the atomic trend so popular during the midcentury. During the atomic age, people were fascinated with the idea of space travel and concerns were rising about a possible nuclear war. Both atomic science and space travel had a huge impact on architecture, interior design, television programming, fashion, theme parks, and even house hold appliances. This style is still one of my favorites and is making a comeback today with the resurgence of midcentury modern style and the idea of retro-futurism.

Our Out of this World Beading pattern compilation was inspired by a new space discovery during our time—the recent finding of water on Mars! Featuring 15 space-themed beading projects, you’re bound to find a few that will fit right into your fashion galaxy. They’re all stellar, but let’s take a look at a few of my picks!

Beaded necklace

Moon River Necklace: This radiant necklace would look sensational with a boatneck cocktail dress for a classic style perfect for any party. And… it’s actually easy to make! Spacers are used to achieve an intricate piece in just two steps and no stitching is required.

Space themed beaded collar
Evening Sky Collar: Oooh the drama! This regal piece mimics Saturn’s rings and is created by using St. Petersburg and peyote stitch for a truly unique project. Try pairing it with a black or burnt orange flowing dress for a dramatic Cleapatra-inspired look!


Space themed beaded bracelet
Cosmic Jewels Bracelet: I just adore the color palette on this fun piece! Swarovski’s cosmic crystals are the centerpiece for the radiating circular brick-stitch circles. This bracelet screams summertime vacation in Mexico to me… I would throw it on with a light peasant blouse, bright circle skirt, and straw sunhat for a day of fun!

Which piece has eclipsed your heart!? We certainly hope you blast off into beading fun with these 15 space-themed projects!


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