Only One More Week to Submit Your Designs!

We have been getting some great submissions for the Fall 2013 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine. This is shaping up to be a really exciting issue–and (for one more week) you can still be a part of it! Start by reading through our latest set of Contributor Guidelines. Make sure to review the color palettes for this issue's themes and browse our Pinterest boards to get a feel for the type of jewelry we are looking for. I can't decide which of our trend-relevant themed categories I am most excited about. Here's a snapshot of each one:

Raw Beauty: The pieces in this category should celebrate the beauty in imperfection by featuring stones, gems, and other natural materials in their raw forms. Instead of choosing prettily polished beads for your submissions for this category, try experimenting with organic, unfinished beads and materials (drilled crystal pieces, druzies, geodes), and incorporating asymmetrical, imperfect angles into your designs. These pieces should draw their beauty from the unfettered majesty of the natural world. Check out the Raw Beauty Pinterest board:


Not Your Grandmother's Pearls: Pearls are timeless…but that doesn't mean they can't be trendy. For this section, we are looking for pieces that represent a fresh, new take on pearl jewelry. Combine pearls with nontraditional materials (leather, other natural beads, interesting findings), or unique techniques (knotting, braiding, basic wirework) to make your designs stand out. Pearls come in all shapes, sizes, and colors-mix it up! Here's a peek at our Not Your Grandmother's Pearls Pinterest board:


Gold Rush: Gold lends itself to a sophisticated aesthetic, but lately it has also been popping up in streetready fashion jewelry. In this category, we celebrate gold statement jewelry in all its glam glory. While the pieces in this section can include a pop of accent color, they should be predominantly gold. We are looking for jewelry that features chunky, geometric materials (tubes, spikes, hardware) in bold-but-wearable designs. We had a lot of fun curating the Gold Rush Pinterest board:


Collars and Bibs: Collar- and bib-style necklaces are gracing necklines on and off the runway this season. These structured, choker-length necklaces mimic the shape of shirt collars (two symmetrical collar panels) and bibs (one front panel). Get creative in interpreting these styles: play with different panel shapes; create a curtain of bead dangles to communicate your chosen shapes, or construct solid panels; assemble your materials in blocks of color to highlight the geometry of a design-the possibilities are endless! There is a wide variety of takes on this design trend–browse some examples on our Collars and Bibs Pinterest board:

Do you have a favorite?


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