On the Fringe – Learn Techniques For Making Stunning Beaded Fringe

I first started playing with beaded fringe 15 years ago when I learned how to make beaded amulet bags. Back then, I learned everything I knew about beaded fringe from old British beading books and magazines. This kind of beaded fringe was, well, to be blunt, really boring. Mostly composed of straight legs with maybe the occasional accent bead thrown in for fun, it was great for a beginner, but it just didn't do much for my beaded amulet bags and beaded necklaces.

Then I learned how to make twisted fringe, and everything changed! It was so much fun to create those twisted loops of fringe at the bottom of my amulet bags, and that was the technique that made me fall in love with beaded fringe of all sorts. Looped, leaf, stick, and graduated or layered, fringe soon found its way into just about every beaded necklace I made. Later, when I started working on bigger and more elaborate bead embroidery necklaces, I let myself really play with fringe. I started incorporating tiny gemstones, metal beads, glass beads of all sorts, and then some of my favorite natural shells and even bamboo tube beads. The more I played with it, the more I loved all the techniques for making beaded fringe.

If you get stuck when it comes to designing and adding beaded fringe to your beaded jewelry projects, you won't want to miss Techniques for Creating Stunning Beaded Fringe with bead artist and author Jamie Cloud Eakin. Known for her innovative and beautiful bead embroidery work using cabochons and all sorts of beaded fringe, this webinar is perfect for anyone who loves movement in their beaded creations, wants to create stunning beaded fringe to complement their beaded jewelry designs, or wants to learn how to troubleshoot their beaded fringe designs. You'll learn what types of beads and beading thread work best for which types of fringe, as well as standard techniques and variations on straight leg, looped, branch, and twisted fringe.

Join us on Tuesday, March 10 at 1 p.m. EST for Techniques for Stunning Beaded Fringe, a live webinar, with Jamie Cloud Eakin. Those that attend the live event will get the chance to have their questions answered in real time by Jamie at the end of the presentation, and everyone who registers prior to the live event will receive a link to the recorded presentation that you can download to your computer and watch again and again as you design and practice stitching your beautiful beaded fringe!

Learn how to add graceful, glorious fringe to all of your beaded creations when you join us for Techniques for Stunning Beaded Fringe with Jamie Cloud Eakin. Hope we see you there!

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