Ode to a Craft Evolution for National Craft Month

All March long we celebrate National Craft Month and what our chosen passions have brought to our lives.

It’s sometimes with great thought and sometimes on a whim that we embark down a new path. It’s how we learned to knit, spin, create jewelry, weave, crochet, and beyond.

We’re celebrating with stories about how crafts can improve your health and tales of why we learned in the first place.  Also, with a huge giveaway that I know, you won’t want to miss. It’s also inspired a little poem that we like to call:


Don’t become a crafter, that’s the warning that I got.
But I didn’t listen, and now I craft a lot.

My house is full of bins, drawers, boxes, and more,
With fiber, paper, fabric, and beads, it’s not too much an eyesore.

They said I’d be inspired, that I’d be hooked from the start,
That I’d come back again and keep making works of art.
No truer words have been spoken, they were so right,
I craft as often as possible, morning, noon, and night.

Knit and purl with knitting needles, bead a bracelet or two,
Weave beautiful pieces, and spin something new.

Hammer to texture jewelry, double crochet a ton,
But for the history behind it all, needlework is the one.

There are never enough hours, the days are too short,
But I always seem to fit it in, I am happy to report.

My closet is full of tools and my heart is full of delight,
Each time I think about crafting, I know my future is bright.

Enjoy loving and sharing your passions this National Craft Month and all year long.


Ode to a Craft Evolution - Poem for National Craft Month