Now Accepting Winter '14 Jewelry Stringing Submissions!

I know that many of you have been patiently waiting for the themes and guidelines for the Winter 2014 issue of Jewelry Stringing to be posted. Well the wait is over! Details about issue themes, color palettes, Pinterest boards, and deadlines (submissions are due by June 17th!) are now posted on our Submissions Page.

We are really excited about this issue's themes–we think you will be, too! Here's a snapshot of each one:

Days of Kings and Queens


The expertly costumed casts of popular television shows like Game of Thrones and The Borgias
have shown us that ornate filigrees and dripping jewels are just as captivating today as they
were in ancient times. Submissions in this category should be modern homages to the lavish
jewels that adorned the regal throats and wrists of history's royal women. While these pieces
should have a commanding presence, they should also be wearable. Consider pairing the rich
colors in the palette above with contemporary components, or combining era-inspired accent
elements with a current jewelry trend like mixed metals or leather.

See our Pinterest inspiration board for this palette at:

Retro, Baby!


While we think there are a lot of styles from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's that are best left in
the past, the jewelry trends that came out of these decades are some of our favorites! The
clean lines, classic silhouettes, and pastel palettes of 50's accessories are often seen in the work
of today's top jewelry designers, and the bright bohemian baubles that the 60's produced will
always be crowd pleasers. The chunky chokers and tribal motifs of the 70's are in the midst of a
comeback, and the geometric shapes and colorblocking of the 80's seem like styles that are
here to stay. Each submission in this category should showcase the trends of one of these
specific decades (including but not limited to those named above).

See our Pinterest inspiration board for this palette at:

Sparkle, Dazzle, Shine


Dark colors tend to dominate the attire at holiday parties–why not add a splash of wintery
color with a festive piece of jewelry? This collection will consist of projects that are
simultaneously glamorous and playful in shades of rosy pink, icy blues, and minty greens. Don't
be shy with the rhinestones and crystals–these projects should have plenty of glitz and
sparkle! Instead of being inspired by a specific era or genre, this category represents a
collection of our favorite things about the winter season: the twinkle of winking holiday lights,
the bright colors of confetti, the sparkle of a flute of champagne.

See our Pinterest inspiration board for this palette at:

Chain Meets Fiber


The trend of chain-and-fiber jewelry is a perfect example of the axiom "Opposites attract."
Chain has structure, is composed of rigid shapes, and is metallic in color, while fiber is soft,
textured, and can be found in a vast spectrum of shades. Whether it is embroidery thread
braided around chunky curb chain, or silk ribbon woven through brassy chain links, this unlikely
couple has been showing up everywhere, from DIY blogs to designer jewelry. We want to see
your take on it! We are looking for projects that include both chain (in any material) and fiber
(ribbon, thread, yarn, twine, linen, fabric, etc.). We are hoping to see colorful fibers in the
saturated swatches above to offset the metallic colors of the chain.

See our Pinterest inspiration board for this palette at:

We can't wait to see the designs that these themes and color palettes inspire you to make!


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