This one is special. It takes me right back to childhood, when we would sit out on our porch at dusk on muggy summer nights. The fireflies would be just starting to twinkle their little green lights in the meadow at the edge of our yard. All the moonflowers would unfurl their white petals, gently fragrant in the moonlight. And, across the road where an old school house stood dilapidated for ages, hundreds of birds (mostly swallows and sparrows and pigeons) would make a nightly dance. They would circle and swoop and flitter around, sometimes swinging so low, they'd touch the tall grasses with their wingtips. Then, all at once, they would descend upon the school house and disappear into all the cracks and nooks and broken windows until dawn would find them again the next day. That is what this necklace is about—that unfettered night joy, after a long beautiful sunny day, of coming home again to rest.

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