New O-beads From the Creator of Rizos

There's a new bead shape in town! Sabine Lippert, a Beadwork magazine Designer of the Year and creator of the Rizo bead, has introduced another bead shape to the market: the O-bead!

Top: O-bead design by Heather Kingsley Heath
O-bead designs by Cindy Holsclaw. Top: Magic O Ball. Bottom: Lucky O Bracelet

These little glass rings are very similar in size and shape to the old Czech glass rings, but differ in a few important ways. First, there's the issue of consistency in size. Sabine sought out Czech bead manufacturers who could guarantee consistency in size and shape, so that when you buy an O-bead in New York, it's the exact same bead that you will get in California, Canada, or anywhere else. Just like your favorite cylinder bead is prized for it's highly consistent shape and size, the new O-beads are a perfect 4mm round ring, 1.5mm thick, with a 1.5mm hole through the center.

The colors of these beautiful little O-beads are what really knock me out. You can find O-beads in opaque, luster, metallic, iris, and even those yummy "magic" colors of the Czech spike and gumdrop beads.

And the bead artists have gone mad for O-beads! Cindy Holsclaw and Heather Kingsley-Heath have created some incredible designs using these innovative little glass rings, and Sabine has a few kits and patterns available on her website as well.

You can find a great selection of O-beads from Whimbeads online, or ask at your local bead shop.

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