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6 Reasons We Love to Make Earrings

Soon after joining Twitter (under the name BeadingDaily), I asked jewelry designers to tell me what they liked about making earrings.  Within minutes, I was deluged with reasons.  Here are just six:

1. "It's fun and there's no reason to worry about them not fitting." (HappyCloud)
2. "They (usually) take considerably less time and energy.  More room for experimentation." (SandFibers)
3. "I usually make a few pairs of earrings as a warm-up. Earrings are not such a commitment when you're on a budget." (LauraStaley)
4. "They are little self-contained art pieces that are easy to wear and enhance the wearer the most." (YIKESStudio)
5. "Earrings are small canvases of designs, versatile, constantly changeable displays of beautiful adornment. And FUN to make!" (AgDrgn)
6. "Earrings were the first jewelry pieces I made . . . because they were easier! Ha!" (StoneDragonfly)

I laughed at StoneDragonfly's response because beginners often do think that smaller projects are easier.  In truth, earrings, just like bracelets and necklaces, come in a range of types–easy, difficult, fast, slow, pricey, inexpensive. Just take a look at our latest free ebook, Jewelry Making with Beading Daily: How to Make Earrings: Five Free Jewelry Projects.  You'll find all kinds of earrings inside.  Here's an overview:

Copper Caper Earrings

by Carole Rodgers
Slide a trendy mix of copper and silver beads on a fancy head pin and then finish with a wrapped loop.  Earrings don't get much easier than this! 

Indian Summer Earrings
by Jill MacKay
Show off your favorite pearls or gemstones in these handmade silver frames.  These unusual earrings use beading wire and crimps, rather than wire.

Corona Crystal Earrings
by Pilar Burg
Play with color combinations with these easy netted crystal earrings.  Once you create the basic earring, you'll find yourself creating simple variations. 


Unexpected Pearl Earrings
by Denise Peck
Bring out your hammer and practice adding texture to metal with these modern earrings.  You'll also learn a simple way to punch holes in metal. 

Hydrangea Earrings
by Kelli Burns
Combine seed bead fringe and flower-shaped crystals (marguerites) for lovely earrings that you'll want to wear all summer long. 



Download this whole set of free earring projects in Jewelry Making with Beading Daily: How to Make Earrings: Five Free Jewelry Projects.  With a mix of beading techniques, materials, and styles, this free earring ebook will spark some new ideas no matter what kind of earrings you like best.  The back of the ebook includes helpful illustrations for all the basic techniques you'll need—stringing, crimping, wrapped loops, netting, and fringe—so even if you've never made earrings before, you can get started right away.  Don't forget to tell your friends, so they can download their own copy of this new jewelry ebook!



Jewelry Making with Beading Daily
How to Make Earrings: Five Free Jewelry Projects

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