New Contest: Share Your Organization Tips

It's easy to be an organized beader–if you've only been to one bead shop in your entire life and your entire "stash" fits in the palm of your hand. Now that I'm a "professional" beader, I can't get by with a tiny plastic bag of beads or even a single bead box. It's not complete chaos yet–but it sure is getting close!

At left: My highly organized personal bead stash.
(Just kidding–I wish this is what it looked like!)

I knew things were getting bad when I woke up one morning recently knowing the perfect square magnetic clasp for a necklace I was making and couldn't find it in my bag marked "clasps." I knew I had bought it, but where had I put it? Turns out, I had another bag of new findings and beads (not labeled, of course, and nowhere near the rest of my bead stuff) that I had set aside to use for another project. That's when I knew I had to do something. (About the lack of organization, anyway, the designing necklaces in my sleep is another discussion entirely!)

Announcing the Beader’s Stash Contest

Do you have trouble remembering where you put your pliers? Is your thread a tangled mess? Does your beading area look like a cat sprawled out and took a nap on it—but you don’t own a cat?

Then this contest is probably not for you!

This contest is for those Beading Daily members who never buy the same tube of black seed beads over and over again because they can’t remember where they put tubes 1-28.

Whether your beading friends call you an “organizational genius”—or whether you’ve simply discovered the best way to tote your beads while traveling—then please, please, please enter our contest. The rest of us want to learn from you!

Submit your best beading organizational tip (100 words maximum) and win! Up to 25 of the best tips will be published in Beading Daily and 5 lucky winners (one per category) will each receive an autographed copy of the book Beader's Stash by Laura Levaas.

This is a beautiful book with 40 projects of all different kinds–stringing, wireworking, loomwork, felting, bead embroidery, weaving, soldering, and more! It also includes an illustrated technique glossary, a bead shop directory (U.S. and Canada), and lots of insider tips from bead shops. Learn more about the book.

The Rules

  • You must be a member of Beading Daily to enter. (It's free to sign up if you're not already a member.)
  • One entry per person total (not per category)
  • Categories:
    • Your Beading Place
      Tips for organizing your work area, whether it is a small lap desk or an entire studio.
    • Bead Stash
      Tips for organizing your beads.
    • Beyond the Bead
      Tips for organizing your other beading items–stringing materials, tools, and other necessities.
    • On the Cheap
      Tips for organizing your beading without spending a lot of money.
    • On the Road
      Tips for being a well-organized beader while traveling.
  • Deadline to enter is Friday, January 25, 2008 at 12:00 midnight Central Standard Time. That's 2 weeks from today!
  • Winners will be announced on Beading Daily by February 25, 2008. If two similar tips are selected as finalists, then we will award the prize to the tip submitted earliest–so get your entries in!

Good luck–and thank you! 

Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. She can't wait to see your organization tips! This weekend she is working on a brick stitch bangle ("Round About" by Dottie Hoeschen) and hopes she can find the focal bead she needs to complete it!

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