New Beading Daily editor!


Hi! I'm so happy to be your new Beading Daily editor!

First and foremost I want to thank Michelle Mach, the founding Beading Daily editor, who has moved on. Michelle helped create an astounding online bead and jewelry community for all of us. We’ll miss her easy writing style and creativity from the past two years. Big cheers for Michelle! The good news is that she told me she'd be delighted to contribute from time to time. Share your wishes for Michelle on the forums




Leslie with cover poster

Magazine scene

I’m thrilled to take up where Michelle left off as the new Beading Daily editor, and lots of you already know me. Perhaps you recognize my face from my photo in Step by Step Beads, for whom I’ve been the editor in chief for almost five years.

You may have taken one of my Bead Fest classes. Maybe you've seen my designs published in BeadworkStep by Step BeadsCreative JewelryEasy Wire, or in a few Interweave books. I even did some technical illustrations for Beadwork. 

A short history of an editor

Since getting my BFA in illustration from UArts in Philly, I’ve done a lot of things, and Interweave allows me to finally bring everything together! I was a copywriter and product designer for The Franklin Mint, wrote script cards for QVC, had art features published in Niche, American Style and The Surface Design Journal. I had my own business making wearable art, fabric sculptures and jewelry, selling at the American Craft Council shows and the Buyers Markets of American Crafts. I made my own blog web site and also sell on Etsy. I’ve even been a movie and TV extra. But mostly I love to bead!

Leslie and her beads
Leslie's bead health tip for today:
Wear lots of jewelry as weight-bearing exercise!


doodleBEADS DVD 1

Cariacature LeslieMaybe because my dad was in the computer biz since they filled rooms, I’ve always loved the tech world. I was on the internet the second it was invented! I started making videos for my daughter’s school assemblies, then my personal blog, then as an Interweave editor.  Next came video tutorials for Beading Daily. Called Doodlebeads because I draw out the thread paths as a teaching aid, these tutorials for beginner bead stitchers are already on Beading Daily in the How To section.

Beads, Baubles & Jewels

I love making jewelry, but mostly I love inspiring other people to make jewelry. I have experience in almost every medium and technique but my passion is seed beads. I was asked to teach Doodlebeads on Beads, Baubles & Jewels, the PBS TV show which Interweave sponsors. I just completed taping 12 episodes for the TV show, but  a new Doodlebeads DVD with all 12 basic stitches will be in the Interweave store by the end of October of this year!

Beading Daily is yours, mine and ours!

Old friends or new, share what inspires you, what you want to learn, and what your most (or least) favorite posts are. One of the best things about is that we are so connected, you with me, me to you, you with each other. We have post comments to share, lively forums, galleries, contests, lessons, videos, Bead Fest bead show events– so many ways to have a bead-in going all the time.  So it’s your turn to tell me about yourselves. Beading Daily is ours! There is an amazing wealth of experience and humor being shared on Beading Daily, being tweeted and blogged and facebooked. So find a forum and let everyone know your wish list for Beading Daily. Who are you and what do you want? More videos? More projects? Which medium? Fewer, bigger, easier, more challenging?  Bring it on! Please share your comments. It takes a village, right? Together, we’re making Beading Daily the best jewelry-making neighborhood around! 



Happy beading!


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