New Bead-Alongs Are Ready!

It's been a long time coming, and everyone has been very, very patient, and I'm so excited that we now have three new Bead-Alongs ready for the month of April here on Beading Daily!

Bead-Alongs can be fun whether you're beading by yourself or in a group. Two of these projects can be completed in an afternoon, so think about getting together with a group of your best beading friends and working on them together! Beading in a group is such a great way to share your passion for beading and jewelry-making, but even if you can't make it to an in-person beading group, you can Bead-Along with all of us online by staying in touch in the Forums. When you're done, take a picture of your lovely finished beading projects and post them in the Reader Photo Gallery!

We had more then one hundred people vote for this set of beading projects, and here are the winners:

Beaded Earring Project: These lovely Netted Jewel Earrings by Amy Haftkowycz work up in a weekend, so that's what we'll do! Join us online the weekend of April 13 as we stitch up a pair (or two). They may look complex, but if you can do beaded netting and single needle right-angle weave, you're all set!
Beaded Bracelet Project: I've always been a fan of Nancy Cain's work, so I was thrilled to bits when her CoCo Chenille Bracelet was the top vote-getter for the beaded bracelet project! These bracelets are perfect for a beginning beader, it only takes about three hours to make one of these fun little bracelets. Join us as we stitch these up the weekend of April 27, 2012!
Beaded Necklace Project: Last, but certainly not least, this wonderful Eau Claire Necklace by Jean Campbell was voted in as the necklace project for this month's Bead-Along project! I love the handmade ceramic face cabochon that Jean has used for this project, but feel free to substitute another 30mm cabochon of your liking! We'll start stitching this beauty during the week of April 16, so download your copy of the pattern and start stocking up on your supplies now!

Are you ready to bead? Straighten out those beading needles (or just take out a new one, if you're using those wonderful Tulip needles) and start raiding your stash for beading supplies!

Do you have any suggestions for future Bead-Along project themes? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Bead Happy,


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