Need A Quick Holiday Gift Idea? How About Sixteen Of Them?

So, I was thinking the other day, and don't be mad, but really, it's time for me to start thinking about holiday gifts. I have a lot of people that I want to include on my list this year, including some of my favorite yoga teachers, my son's teachers at school, the awesome ladies who work in the school cafeteria, the post master who works at my tiny mountain post office, and especially some of my favorite beading students. It's a big long list, and to be honest, felt a little overwhelming when I first sat down to look at it.

Coincidentally, just a few days after I made that list of people I'd like to thank at the holidays, my awesome co-worker Ashley shared a video she made of her making the Craft Fantastic Deluxe Necklace Project. (The things I miss by not working at the office!)

As I watched her making these sweet little pendants, I realized that this could be the answer to my holiday gift-giving: a fast, easy, but totally beautiful little necklace-making project that anyone can make, and anyone can wear! The Craft Fantastic Deluxe Pendant Necklace Kit includes enough materials for sixteen pendants — more than enough for me to share with everyone I love!

It's also the perfect idea for hosting a holiday jewelry-making party: just let everyone pick their favorite image from the included sheets of images, put out your favorite snacks, turn on some good music, and everyone leaves with one or two pretty little handmade pendants. Hang them on the included antique gold and silver neck chains, or take them home and create your own beaded necklaces using your favorite glass or gemstone beads.

Check out all the supplies and materials included in the Craft Fantastic Deluxe Pendant Necklace Kit, and you can check off one more thing from your holiday to-do list!

Bead Happy,


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