National Craft Month: Fusion Beads 30 Day Challenge

Today starts National Craft Month! I can't think of a better time to celebrate doing what we love best: beading and jewelry making! This morning, I opened my email to discover an invitation from Fusion Beads to participate in their 30 Day National Craft Month Challenge, and I decided to jump right in.There's even a printable calendar that you can hang above your beading area to keep track of your progress!

I'm always game for a good beading challenge, especially when there are earrings involved!

Today, the challenge is to make earrings. Now, I know some of you are probably sick of making earrings after our Earring-a-Day challenge from back in January, but I just bought these beautiful Swarovski crystal stones from Nikia Angel's Etsy shop. I figured they would make a perfect pair of earrings, so I took out some metallic seed beads and started stitching.

I'm using some variation of herringbone stitch to make the bezels for these earrings, and I think I've seen someone else do this before. So far, the bezels are shaping themselves perfectly to hold the crystal, and I've got an idea for a dangle beneath them using some vintage Swarovski margaritas that I've had in my bead stash for longer than I care to admit. (If these bezels look familiar to you, can you please refresh my memory of where I may have seen them? Otherwise, I'll have to write up the instructions and publish them over on the Beading Instructions blog!)

There are already a few brave souls who are participating in the challenge and talking about it over in the Forums. Take a look at what we're plotting and planning, and join the conversation!

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for our own special events here on Beading Daily to celebrate National Craft Month, including a giveaway of one of my favorite Interweave beading books!

Are you going to participate in National Craft Month?

Bead Happy,


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