National Craft Month Challenge: Making a Color Palette of Beads

As part of the Fusion Beads National Craft Month Challenge, yesterday's task was to create a color palette. (Or two or three, from what I saw over in the Forums!) I haven't always loved the challenges of working with color when making a new seed bead palette, but after reading the wonderful Color Reports and publications of bead artist Margie Deeb, I feel much more confident in my color choices for my beading projects.

So as I was looking through Facebook this morning, I noticed that one of my friends was sharing a series of brightly colored photographs taken in locations around the world. One of them made me catch my breath: a photograph of a woman in India, dressed in a bright red silk sari with shimmering gold trim, standing at the rather ornate door of a large, turquoise building. I knew that this was the photograph that I wanted to use to create my color palette!

I've used photographs to create color palettes before. Back in 2008, I snapped a photograph of some deer that came to visit us on Christmas Day as we sat down to dinner. The rich colors of the deer fur contrasting with the grey snow on the ground stuck in my head, and when I sat down to work on my next beaded jewelry design, I remembered that photograph and those colors.

These beautiful deer came to visit us on Christmas Day back in 2008. Their colors became a color palette for a beaded necklace project!

So the deer and their colors became my Ode on a Grecian Urn necklace!

Definitely not the colors of seed beads that I usually use, but this color palette should make a beautiful and vibrant piece of beadwork!

This time around, I used the colors from the photograph of the Indian woman in front of the door, and I chose some turquoise, red, black and gold seed beads that were in my latest seed bead order from Whimbeads. Whatever I eventually make with these beads, I'll accent it with these wonderful coral gold-washed lentil beads that I picked up from Beyond Beadery when I was in Tucson last month to add a little movement to the piece. (I suspect these beads will work with a wonderful gold vintage cabochon I found at A Grain of Sand a few weeks ago, but we'll see.)

Let's see your color palettes! Go through your photographs and find something that inspires you, then sit down with your beads and your color wheel and see what you can do! You can join in the fun of the Fusion Beads National Craft Month Challenge and post your pictures and projects over in the Forums, or take a picture and post it in the Reader Photo Gallery!

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