Name That Necklace and Win a Kit of Crystal Beads from Fusion Beads

I don't think I'm ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, but it can't be helped: the leaves here in the mountains are starting to change color, the nights are definitely getting cooler, and in just a few days, the kids will be heading back to school. Once we're into September, it seems like the days move too fast through October, Halloween, and then Thanksgiving and Christmas, with just a few short weeks between each one.

That also means that our annual holiday parties will be right around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about making some new jewelry to wear to these special occasions. In the October/November 2013 issue of Beadwork magazine, editor Melinda Barta has come up with a sparkling new beaded necklace design that will add a little glamor to any holiday gathering, and now it's up to you to come up with a name for it!

Melinda had this to say about creating her piece for this challenge:

"The diversity of bead shapes included in the kit was the real challenge behind designing this piece. I quickly discovered that trying to sketch a design before beading would not be the best approach, because only through trial and error would I be able to discover how the various drop and lentil shapes behave when stitched. To focus my efforts, I used a component-based approach with grouped colors. The result is truly a special-occasion necklace"

Now that Melinda has created this spectacular crystal bead necklace, all it needs is a name! What would you name this necklace? Leave a comment here on the Beading Challenge blog before Friday, November 1, 2013 at 12 midnight CST, and we'll choose our favorites from all the names entered. The winner will receive a kit of the fabulous crystal beads pictured here, courtesy of Fusion Beads. (Please note: Due to customs regulations, contest is open only to residents of the United States.)

Spend some time pondering the perfect name for this stunning piece of beadwork, and share your suggestions with us!

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