Name That Beadwork: Win a Kit of Beads from Red Panda Beads!

My experiences with a group of traveling Tibetan Buddhist monks inspired me to create this peyote stitch prayer box necklace.

Some of you may remember a blog I wrote earlier this year about the time I got to spend praying and meditating with a group of traveling Tibetan Buddhist monks at my local arts center. My experiences there, including having a pulse reading and being treated with traditional Tibetan medicine, really had a profound affect on both my spirit and my bead-weaving.

Right about this time was when I received this Beadwork magazine challenge kit from Red Panda Beads. The bright oranges and reds of this kit reminded me of the colorful Buddhist tapestries and prayer flags that decorated the arts center during the monks' visit, and while attending evening prayers with my husband, I was inspired to create a necklace with a set of beaded prayer boxes.

Now, these prayer boxes are pretty simple to make. Each one is a piece of tubular peyote stitch, capped with pieces of flay circular peyote stitch. But inside each prayer box is a piece of rolled prayer, on which I wrote a different Buddhist prayer: one for compassion, one for creativity, and one for good health. Because I loved the bright red-orange Czech crystal bicones, I used those to create a framework to support and attach the prayer boxes to each other. (In Buddhist tradition, the color red symbolizes achievement, wisdom, fortune, virtue, and dignity — an auspicious color!)

Leave a comment with your best name for this beaded prayer box necklace, and you might win this very generous kit of beads from Red Panda Beads!

I finished this beaded prayer box necklace by stitching up one of my favorite twisted herringbone ropes using cylinder beads and Japanese seed beads. As usual, I didn't want the necklace to overpower the prayer box pendant, and the twisted herringbone rope worked perfectly for this one. I was on the fence about adding fringe to this one — but there's always time for that later, right?

Of course, coming up with a name for this beaded prayer box necklace was a challenge, and that's where YOU come in! Come up with your best name for my beaded prayer box necklace, and you could win this very generous kit from Red Panda beads, including a piece of Ultrasuede, a brass cuff bracelet blank, copper beads and findings, and an amazing assortment of seed beads.

Leave a comment with the name you'd give to this necklace, and we'll choose the one we like best. You have until Monday, October 15, 2012, at 12 a.m. MST to get your names in. (Please note: we can only ship this kit to addresses in the United States only.)

Good luck!

Bead Happy,


Update: The winner chosen for this challenge was Greta Marullo, with the name Three Prayers Pendant. Congratulations, Greta!

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