My Top 3 Picks for Wire Jewelry

Wire jewelry is certainly one of those jewelry-making techniques that I prefer to learn by watching someone else. Teaching myself how to do bead-weaving was one thing, but learning how to make wire jewelry? Those skills were most definitely outside of my comfort zone. And because I'm what you might call an independent learner (or maybe I just don't always play well with others!), being able to learn from a DVD is a great option for me.

Learning new wire jewelry skills from a DVD means less time and money that I have to spend traveling — those costs can add up pretty fast for someone who lives in my little corner of the world where wire jewelry classes aren't always easily accessible. It also means that if I'm in the mood to take a wire jewelry class at midnight after everyone else in the house is asleep and I have some alone time, I can just turn on the DVD player, get out my tools, and start playing! How easy is that?

If you're looking to start building a library of wire jewelry DVDs, might I recommend three of my favorites for you? No matter if you're brand-new to working with wire, or if you're looking for something new to try, one of these wire jewelry resources is sure to have something that you'll love:

Best Wire Jewelery DVD for Beginners: So, you want to get started with wire jewelry or learn more about how to make wire jewelry, but you have no idea where to begin? Denise Peck, noted author and wire jewelry artist extraordinaire, guides you through 5 basic wire jewelry lessons that cover basic tools, fun and essential techniques, and even the basics of using a handheld micro torch for creating your own wire findings. Metalwork Wire Essentials: Tools Techniques, Findings, and Finishes is my favorite comprehensive video resource for learning all about wire jewelry!
Best Wire Jewelry DVD for Playing With Your Wire: No doubt about it, wire coils are just good fun. This easy-to-learn technique can be used to create wire jewelry that's not just sophisticated and elegant, but playful and fun when you use your favorite colored craft wire. Kerry Bogert's Wire Coiling Secrets is the grown-up equivalent of coloring outside the lines — when you break out of your creative box, that's when the adventure happens!
Best Wire Jewelry DVD for Branching Out: If you're already comfortable with basic wire jewelry techniques like making spirals and coils and loops, and you feel confident making your own wire jewelry findings like jump rings, chain maille is the next step for anyone who wants to create intricate and delectable wire jewelry. With beads or without beads, chain maille patterns like the classic Byzantine chain are a hot wire jewelry trend. Make Chain Maille Jewelry! is hands-down my favorite chain maille DVD for learning the amazingly versatile Byzantine chain pattern because for me, there's nothing like being able to watch a chain maille technique to help me master it on my own.

Oh, and the best part of these wire jewelry DVDs? For a limited time, you can own all three for less than the price of one wire jewelry class somewhere else. Check out all the great wire jewelry DVDs on sale now in the Beading Daily Shop, and start (or add to) your wire jewelry resource library today!

Do you have a favorite DVD for learning wire jewelry making techniques? Leave a comment here and share it with us!

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