My Favorite Seed Bead Patterns of 2011

If you love seed bead patterns, 2011 was a very good year. Beadwork magazine's Designers of the Year included beading legends Carol Wilcox Wells, Sherry Serafini, Cynthia Rutledge, and Kelly Wiese. Beading pattern designers everywhere were pushing the envelope with their innovative seed bead patterns and taking the craft of beadwork to new heights!

Every time I opened Beadwork magazine, I saw something new that I wanted to try. The colors! The shapes! The designs! It was hard for me to choose just five of my favorite seed bead patterns from all of the 2011 Beadwork magazines, but here they are:

One of my very first successful original beaded necklace designs was a bead netting collar, and Carole Rodgers' Rolled Collar from the April/May 2011 issue of Beadwork magazine is a much more sophisticated version of that first bead netting collar. The colors are regal and understated, and the beaded fringe adds some fun movement to the edge of the collar.


As one of Beadwork magazine's 2011 Designers of the Year, Carol Wilcox Wells gave us four amazing new seed bead patterns. My favorite? Her Woodland Ferns necklace. The beautiful beaded ferns remind me of spring here in the Adirondacks when the hiking trails are carpeted with new, lush greenery.


2011 also brought us the Gothic Butterfly Bracelet by Mikki Ferrugiaro. Mikki is a rising star in the beading world, and her seed bead patterns never fail to surprise and delight me with her incredible uses of shaped beadwork, crystal beads, and unexpected elements.


Jasmine Pearls by Nancy Cain from the December 2010/January 2011 issue of Beadwork magazine is a perfect example of classic jewelry design with a modern twist. Nancy's luxurious design includes both palladium and gold-plated seed beads. When you want to make a statement with your beaded necklace, this is the necklace to wear!
And yes, another nature-themed seed bead pattern made it into my top five picks. Kelly Wiese's Crystal Buds Lariat combines two of my favorite colors — pink and green — and is a beautiful addition to any outfit. What I loved about this piece is how it's perfectly suitable for a fancy occasion, but looks just as great with casual clothes.

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Now it's your turn! What was your favorite seed bead pattern from Beadwork magazine in 2011? Leave a comment and share your favorites here on the Beading Daily blog!

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