My Favorite Reasons to Love Bead Embroidery

basic bead embroidery techniquesFor someone who struggled with learning how to do bead embroidery, it’s become one of my favorite beading techniques when I want to create unique beaded jewelry. Bead embroidery is so much more than just simple beaded back stitch – while that stitching technique is indeed the foundation of pretty much every beading project I make with bead embroidery, there are so many ways to jazz it up and play.

Bead embroidery with Shibori ribbon. I resisted this trend for as long as I could, because honestly, I was afraid of getting sucked in and suddenly requiring a new set of storage cabinets for the gorgeous hand-dyed Shibori ribbon I was seeing everywhere. Well, I certainly did get sucked in, but thankfully, I managed to keep my ribbon purchases to a minimum.

However…bead embroidery with Shibori ribbon? It’s absolutely divine. I love the way the colors and the fabric just flow on my bead embroidery backing. You can make your beaded embellishments as simple or as intricate as you’d like, and that ribbon will still look amazing. So, bead away with your Shibori ribbon!

Bead embroidery with gemstones. Oh, my, how I love working gemstones of any size, shape, or type into my bead embroidery. For years, I only worked with calibrated gemstone cabochons, or with gemstones that had smooth, evenly-shaped edges. Then I came across this fun beading tutorial on how to make a pin using a rough-edged agate slab. Now, the sky’s the limit when it comes to me incorporating gemstones into my bead embroidery projects. No size, shape, or stone is safe in my hands – I’m sure to glue it down or otherwise capture it in beadwork.

Metropolitan GlideFound objects in bead embroidery. My creative mind loves the challenge of incorporating all kinds of found objects in bead embroidery! Following the examples and superb work of bead artists like Diane Hyde, Heidi Kummli, Sherry Serafini, and Kelly Angeley, I love the challenge of incorporating not-so-common objects in my bead embroidery. From antique spoons to plastic toy animals, the only thing that limits your ability to create fantastic bead embroidery around found objects is your imagination.

Part of any successful bead embroidery project is, of course, having a set of great beading tools and supplies to make your time spent beading fun and productive. Make your beading projects with the same supplies and tools that the editors here at Beading Daily and at Beadwork magazine love when you get your Editor’s Favorite Supplies Collection. You’ll get 3 of our favorite beading resources that include beading projects, a reference guide, and a great how-to book, plus a bead tray, my favorite beading needles, beading thread, and an indispensable thread cutting tool.

With the holidays coming up, the Editor’s Favorite Supplies Collection makes an ideal gift for someone you love who loves to bead! There are only a limited number of these special collections available, so make sure that you get yours before they’re all gone.

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