My Beading Tools Wish List

Have you ever seen a new beading tool in a magazine or online and just think, "I've GOT to have that!"? You tell yourself all the usual stuff: it's an investment. It's a treat. Sure, I have plenty of room for more beading tools. What's one more?

As my beading habit has grown and I branch out to explore new techniques for jewelry making and bead-weaving, I've found that some more specialized tools come in handy. These days, I'm more likely to spend more on new beading tools than I am on beads (wow!), and I'm finding that they are indeed a good investment. After looking through some of my favorite beading supply companies online, I found a few items that I need to add to my collection of beading tools this year.

Like I tell my 6-year-old, I hate guessing at things — especially when it comes to sizing my bracelets. Making a beaded bangle bracelet would be so much easier if I had one of these wrist sizers! No more messing around with string and adhesive tape for me, and my peyote stitch bangle bracelets would come out the perfect size every time. It's not that I don't love spending time beading, but stitching for an hour and then tearing it all out just isn't appealing to me anymore.
I've been playing around so much with wire lately, that a pair of these 1-Step Looping Pliers from the BeadSmith are next on my beading tools wish list. Sure, I'm getting fairly proficient at making my own eye pins for beaded dangles and earring components, but to be honest with you, when I sit down to make loops on three dozen pieces of wire, I get lazy — I'd rather be beading or designing than making all those loops!
Last, but not least, are the Bead On It Boards. I mean, sure, I already have, what, 4 or 5 of these? But you can never have too many bead boards in your stash. These are, hands down, the best beading board that I've ever used. I love the colors and the fabrics, the little bumpers around the edges that keep the beads from rolling away into oblivion, and most of all, I love how sturdy they feel.

Of course, my favorite way to stay informed about what's new and noteworthy in the realm of beading tools is with my subscription to Beadwork magazine. And just in case you need to test out your new beading tools, you'll find some of the most artistic, technically challenging beading projects in there, too. Subscribe to Beadwork magazine so you don't miss a single issue!

Do you have a special beading tool on your wish list? Why would you like to add it to your collection? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your thoughts with us!

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