My 5 Favorite Beading Supplies for Bead Embroidery

Everyone who does bead embroidery has their own list of can't-live-without beading supplies! After years of playing and experimenting with different bead embroidery stitches and techniques, I've found that I have my own favorite beading supplies for bead embroidery. Check out my list and see if any of these are in your top 5 list of beading supplies for bead embroidery!

1. Nicole's Beadbacking. In my experience, there's nothing quite like Nicole's Beadbacking out there. I love that it's pre-colored so I don't have to muck around with markers and dyes, and I love how well it holds up when I'm working on a larger project. I've tried stiffened felt from the craft store and other types of bead embroidery mediums out there, but I've never had anything but a positive experience with this particular product. If you look through my stash of beading supplies, you'll always find a rather large stash of Nicole's Beadbacking!

2. Cabochons. Gemstones, ceramic, glass, handmade, vintage, Lucite — whatever they're made out from, I need them. Whenever I go to a bead show or local bead shop, the first thing I look for is a couple of new cabochons to add to my enormous stash. And if you're familiar with the work of ceramic artists like Lisa Peters or Laura Mears, you'll understand why I glue myself to Etsy whenever either one of these artists does a shop update.

3. Nymo (on a cone). I've tried lots of beading threads for my bead embroidery, but I always come back to my favorite Nymo nylon beading thread on a cone. Why on a cone instead of a bobbin? For starters, the Nymo on a cone is a thicker consistency than Nymo on a bobbin, so it creates more structure in my bead embroidery.  Nymo also creates a beautiful, soft drape when I'm adding fringe to my bead embroidery that I just can't get with other beading threads.

4. Brass stampings. I don't know if these technically count as cabochons, but I've been having a great time incorporating brass stampings into some of my bead embroidery projects. Following inspiration from artists like Diane Hyde and Heidi Kummli, I've started to accumulate a new collection of brass stampings that I can use for bead embroidery. Since I also have a nice selection of Vintaj Patina inks for coloring brass and metal components, I can play with adding color to these fun jewelry findings!

5. Embroidery scissors. It all started when I was a kid, and my mother insisted on getting a pair of stork embroidery scissors for her knitting and crochet projects. I quickly learned the importance of having a good pair of sharp scissors at your disposal when working on bead embroidery, and now, I have to have a good pair of large-handled embroidery scissors on hand all the time. My Fiskars embroidery scissors have gotten me into and out of a lot of tight corners, both when snipping threads close to my beadwork and when trying to cut a particularly tricky shape out of my bead embroidery medium. What can I say? A good pair of embroidery scissors is worth its weight in gold!

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What beading supplies would you include in your Top 5 list for bead embroidery? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share them with us!

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