Musings on the Beader's Stash

While perusing some of the forums on Beading Daily, I noticed that "the stash" seems to be a popular topic. A reader posed the questions, “Do you buy beads more often than you use them up?” and “When you create, do you use the supplies in your stash?”

I found it interesting that several readers confessed they have beads that are too special or prized to use in a jewelry design:

"I like having the beads, but sometimes don’t like using them, because I won’t have them anymore."

"I have some wonderful beads that I love so much, I like to sit and just look at them or touch them, almost afraid to use them for fear that what I create WITH them won't live up to THEM."

"I know well the feeling of not using beads for fear of using them in a project 'unworthy' of their beauty! I'm really trying hard to break free of that kind of thinking. I can always take what I make apart later."

A portion of "the stash" here in the Jewelry Stringing offices!

So my question to you is: What is your prized bead/pendant/whatever that you’re hesitant to use, and why? Where did you purchase (or otherwise obtain) it? Does it hold sentimental value?

It's nice to have an assortment of clasps and other findings readily available before starting a new design.

My second question is: Though you may have a large and varied stash, is there something that you find you never have enough of?

More than one person on the forums said they never have enough clasps and have trouble locating one in their stash that is just right for what they're designing.

We've recently reorganized our stash here in the office (see Chloe's blog from last Friday) and found a few things we'd forgotten about. I'd love to hear about your stash: The size. The contents. All of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Or in this case, the beautiful! Please leave comments below.

Happy beading!

Debbie Blair, Managing Editor

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