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Silence is (not) golden

Silence is not really golden–at least for beaders. Seventy-four percent of nearly 1,000 beaders who voted in the latest poll bead while listening to music! Rock was the first choice (27%), followed by classical music (24%). Pop music came in third (17%).

Some reasons Beading Daily members like beading to music:

  • Makes a solitary activity feel less lonely
  • Helps pace your work
  • Drowns out the "inner critic"
  • Inspires you

Designs Inspired by Music

For some beaders, music played a major role in their creative process:

"I love all kinds of music. In fact, when I first started making jewelry, I put my pieces into categories by music type—Ballroom/Classical was for my more high end elegant pieces, Dancehall was for my more Western/Southwest pieces, Pop was for my Trendy pieces, Rock was the Edgy stuff, and my all time favorite is Jazz for my mixed media eclectic pieces."

"Beading and music have a lot in common for me. Just looking at or feeling different beads can spark and idea for a new project. Music does that for me too. It also depends what kind of mood I'm in to determine what kind of beading I wand to do and what music I feel like listening to. They just go together, like ice cream and chocolate sauce!"

"Mystified" by Melanie Brooks Lukacs, inspired by the song "Mystified Heavy" by Sam Roberts. Melanie writes, "It is a song rich with imagery of the old sea, and sirens, and reminds me of pirates and such dangerous oceanic things. There are so many great lines in the song, and I wanted to incorporate them in a necklace, and use the colors that paint the song's imagery in my head."  More


"The End" by The Lone Beader, inspired by the song "The End" by The Doors. There is a line in the song "Meet me in the back of the blue bus". My blue bus is all about drugs and rock'n'roll, and the freedoms in the 1960's. It also represents the 'vehicle' on which Jim Morrison abruptly ended his life. More

"Shout Sister" by Moyra Riley. Moyra was inspired by her Georgette choir. Moyra writes, "For many of the members, this has given them their first opportunity to experience the joy of singing with a group." The choir's signature song is "When I Sing."

 Your Favorite Musicians

Favorite musicians were all over the map—Clay Aiken, Mozart, Garth Brooks, Hannah Montana, Placido Domingo, Pedro Aznar . . . In case you're looking to try something new, here is a short list of the performers that were mentioned repeatedly: 

• Aerosmith
• Andrea Bocelli
• Beatles
• Bruce Springsteen
• Celine Dion
• Chris Daughtry
• Dave Matthews Band

• Ella Fitzgerald
• Elton John
• Enya
• Handel
• Johann Sebastian Bach
• Led Zepplin
• Loreena McKennitt

• Luther Vandross
• Madonna
• Miles Davis
• Prince
• Rod Stewart
• Sade
• Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

And in Other News . . .

I also heard from a number of beaders who work while listening to audio books or the TV. Most fascinating–of the ones who did mention TV, almost all mentioned crime/law shows, particularly CSI and Law and Order. What's up with that? Maybe this says something about beader personalities–placing tiny beads in order gives us the same satisfaction that others get in solving crimes or bringing justice to a victim's family. We like order in the universe, even if our world is mostly composed of size 15 seed beads!

New Poll: Do You Sketch? 

After sharing a jewelry sketch last Friday (Free Project: Chain Maille Necklace), I heard from several readers who also sketch their jewelry designs. Do you sketch? Take this quick poll by May 9–I'll share the results in a future Beading Daily

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