Moroccan Dreams

A close look at the Moroccan Dreams Necklace reveals a number of design tips:

• Seed beads are often overlooked in stringing projects They do take longer to string—it takes 24 size 13 beads to make one inch of this 15 inch necklace!  On the plus side, they are a fairly inexpensive way to add a lot of color and texture to a multistrand necklace. By adding seed beads, you can spend most of your beading budget on a handful of gemstones and a great pendant.

• Silver is still the norm for much jewelry, but copper is increasing in popularity. The use of chain adds texture without a lot of extra effort. Copper works well with the earthy tones of the sunstone and pendant.

• This necklace shows an easy way to add a lightweight pendant. The seed bead loop is held in place by the sunstone rondelle, so it stays aligned, rather than moving around too much.

• While this necklace gives the appearance of being symmetrical, there are touches of randomness, such as the placement of the charlotte seed beads. If you’ve never created an asymmetrical piece, this could be a way for you to get started—by creating a necklace that has a very subtle asymmetrical element.

Download your own free necklace making project and start your Morroccan Dreams today!

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