More Self-Care Ideas for a Cozy Fall Day

Since our last self-care post, it’s snowed 6 inches in Fort Collins, Colorado! I always have mixed feelings about the snow. One part of me says “booooo” – but then I step outside and see how pretty it is—and the other part of me says “yayyyy!” As long as I have sunshine, I don’t really mind the snow or cold temperatures. But, when it’s gray and bleak outside, I get seasonally affected. I find respite from those dreary days in crafty projects that get my creative juices flowing! Let’s flip on our daylight lamps and cozy up with these ideas for how to spend gloomy gray days indoors doing something fun.

Read a Book

There’s just something about chilly, wet weather that invites me to grab a book off the shelf and read for some self-care. A real book. With paper pages. Nowadays, our smart phones, tablets, and laptops have the availability to get pretty much anything you want to read, on any platform—so a real book almost feels like a novelty. I’m not a stickler for one or the other, and I like print and digital media pretty equally.

A gloomy fall day is one of those instances that a real book’s weight in my hands lights up that cozy feeling inside. That, combined with the surge of creative energy that I get in the fall, means that reading a book jam-packed with projects is the perfect way indulge in a little self-care and get inspired. These hefty, real paper books in the Interweave store will jump-start your creative drive:


I love the weight of a real book in my hands.

I can’t wait to try some new techniques to help chase away the gray day blues. I’m particularly interested in the kumihimo wirework! Which book will you pick up for some self-care reading? Let us know in the comments!

Meredith Steele
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Get tactile with these books from the Interweave store!


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