More Behind-the-Scenes Photos

In a recent blog, Assistant Editor Chloe Chatenever shared a glimpse of how we shoot step-by-step photos for Handcrafted Jewelry at Interweave's in-house photo studio. Several days later, I attended a photo shoot with our associate art director and designer, Connie Poole, at the studio where all of the "glamour shots" are taken. Here, a few more behind-the-scenes shots:

The photo studio is housed in what was once a grocery store in 1912.


 The talented Joe Coca setting up for the shoot.

Some of the props that add to the ambiance of the space.


 Connie makes sure the jewelry is set up just right for the camera .


Resident photo assistant, Katie, keeps a close eye on the process.

In the end, a hard day's work, coupled with the talents of many people, results in the beautiful shots that grace the pages of our jewelry magazines.

We hope you will enjoy making the beautiful projects in Handcrafted Jewelry as much as we have enjoyed gathering, editing, and photographing them! Be sure to visit your favorite bead shop or book store on September 25th to pick up a copy!

Happy creating,

Debbie Blair, Managing Editor

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