Mixed Media Ring Jewelry: 3 Top Styles

Jean Campbell is a
contributing editor to Beading Daily


My daughter is one of those young women who can pull off wearing just about anything. Her latest craze is cocktail rings; she wears a different set every day.
mixed-media-jewelry Her rings du jour sprinkle over her fingers in such a way that the combination not only matches, but enhances whatever else she's wearing.

I've never been as put together as Emma in the ring department. Oh, I've got oodles of rings, and I'll venture every once in a while and wear one large, yet tasteful ring. But the way Emma mixes them together? Pure genius. I don't know…maybe it's just that I need more rings? Yes, that's it. Must make more rings…

I was just reading through the special issue of Handcrafted Jewelry 2010 and it has a whole section on making your own crafty cocktail rings. There's a metalworked one, another in which you use resin and a glass dome, and yet another that incorporates painted filigree. Looking at projects like this (as well as the 22 other really swell projects in this book) makes me want to get down to business and make myself some digit candy.

I'm a busy girl these days, so I think for this quest I'll make instant gratification rings by forming a ring top and gluing or wiring it to a ring base. So I went through my stash today, looking for different types of ring bases. Want to see what I found? Maybe they'll give you ideas for making your own rings:


Looped: These ring bases have loops onto which you can add beads or other items. Think about simply adding beads on headpins to the loops; wiring and wrapping beads with 26-gauge wire; or using a sturdy beading thread to sew beads to the loops.


Filigree: A while back I started a ring by forming a diamond-shaped filigree around a ring mandrel. I plan on attaching a bezel with wire, then adding a glass dome over a photo. I could also just go simple and wire a pretty bead right to the center.

Flat face: This type of ring base has a flat metal disk onto which you may glue any flat-backed item. For this ring I used a type of bonding putty to adhere a beaded crystal flower.

Are you a ring genius like Emma? What type of rings do you make? What ring bases do you have in your stash that I don't have? Please share your thoughts here on Beading Daily.

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