Mixed Media? No Sweat!

Wood JewelryThough I absolutely love working with simple strung beads, lampwork pendants, and leather, I must confess here and now that my first love is mixed-media jewelry. It’s so much fun to add that extra-special touch to my designs using metal stamping, resin, polymer clay, or rivets. Time consuming? Sometimes. Messy? Most definitely! But “mixed media” doesn’t have to be!

If the sheer mention of “mixed media” intimidates you, let me reassure you that there are certainly some less daunting methods and materials for you to try out! The necklaces shown here were crafted in a matter of minutes, using very few materials. Even my six-year-old can make them! Intrigued?

Wood JewelryYou’ll want to check out my new instructional video, Transform Wood Beads with Paper and Dye, plus the matching kit of materials that lets you make four complete decoupage necklaces (including those shown in the above photo). In my video, I demonstrate how to create a bevy of necklaces and bangles using super-fun and really easy techniques–fabric dye, decoupage medium with scrapbook paper, and light-sensitive dye. When you purchase this exclusive bundle, you’ll also get the digital download of my two favorite issues of Handcrafted Jewelry magazine–more than 50 easy mixed-media projects.

Head on over to the Interweave Store and check it out. Grab the bundle for yourself and soon you’ll be crafting with your kids, mom, aunts and uncles, neighbors, and friends into the wee hours of the morning. Intimidating? Not any longer! Addictive? Heck yeah!

Happy crafting,

Debbie Blair, Editor
Jewelry Stringing | Create Jewelry
Mixed Media Jewelry Collection

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