Mixed Media Jewelry: It's Easier Than It Sounds

When I was a kid, I was interested in making jewelry out of anything and everything. Some of my first handmade jewelry projects were made from not beads, but pieces of thick watercolor paper that I had cut into shapes, painted and sealed, and then glued together! Back then, we just called them paper earrings, but today, they fall under the category of mixed media jewelry.

Thirty years later, I still love making mixed media jewelry projects. Mastering a new set of skills or a new jewelry making tool doesn't just give me a sense of accomplishment, it makes me feel more confident when it comes time to sit down and start a new jewelry making project. It's the difference between thinking, "I can't make THAT!" and, "Sure, I can make that!"

If the thought of mixed media jewelry makes you cringe, just think about those paper earrings. Mixed media jewelry can be so easy and so much fun, it might make you feel like a kid again! Need a little more encouragement? Check out these mixed media jewelry projects:

mixed-media-jewelry For those of us who have dabbled in other crafts like quilting and sewing (or for those of us who just have a weakness for cool fabrics, even though we have no idea what to do with them!), you can make a stylish and fun fabric necklace! Alison Wright's Fabulous Fabric Necklace uses basic sewing and a handful of wood beads to create an easy mixed media necklace.
mixed-media-jewelry Mixed media jewelry projects also have the advantage of using recycled or upcycled components, like Kerry Bogert's Waste Not, Want Not necklace. These easy-to-make mixed media pendants use bottle caps, resin, and gorgeous silk ribbon to make a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.
mixed-media-jewelry-project Another easy mixed media jewelry project is this fun Darling Domes bracelet by Mary Lynn Maloney. Use any kind of collage paper that you'd like to make this bracelet as a personal jewelry statement! Perfect for someone who is just venturing out into the world of mixed media jewelry, this bracelet uses a pre-made bezel bracelet with glass domes to capture your images.
mixed-media-jewelry-project Maybe you've done a little bit of mixed media jewelry before and are feeling brave. Learn some new mixed media jewelry making skills when you create a pair of Nepalese Nights earrings by Candie Cooper. Make your own bead caps from recycled cookie tins and add a pair of felted beads, and accent them with your favorite seed beads! 
mixed-media-jewelry Now, you're ready. Use all of your mixed media jewelry making skills when you make a pair of Deryn Mentock's Mojave Earrings. Your resin jewelry making and wire wrapping skills will come in handy when you create a pair of these one-of-a-kind earrings. And why settle for the ordinary? Make your own sterling silver ear wires and you'll have a truly unique pair of earrings to wear on days when you feel a little funky!

Need a few more reasons to love mixed media jewelry? I love using found objects and papers that are special to me in my mixed media jewelry projects, because the finished pieces have a very personal meaning to me. (They also make great and thoughtful gifts for friends and family.) And using recycled components makes me feel like I'm doing something good for the planet, too.


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Have you tried any mixed media jewelry making projects yet? What are your favorite mixed media jewelry making techniques? If you haven't tried mixed media jewelry projects yet, why not? What's holding you  back? Leave a comment and share your thoughts about mixed media jewelry making here on the blog!

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