Mindfulness and Healing with Gemstones and Other Natural Materials

Mindfulness is the practice of being present and in the moment. Taking a beat to catch your breath, then taking a deep breath while listening to the sounds around you (internally and externally). It’s taking the time to listen to the person in front of you and letting the text message you just received wait. Taking in the sounds and smells of the ocean and appreciating how that makes you feel rather than trying to take the perfect picture so you can send a message to your friends.

Making and Using Malas for Stress-Free Living. mindfulness healling gemstones beads

Another piece of mindfulness can be meditation and the use of malas and talismans. People have been adorning themselves with talismans ever since the dawn of time. We’re naturally drawn to the materials from which these charms and amulets are made. For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans laid chrysoprase stones on their bodies to improve eyesight and relieve internal pain; lapis lazuli was believed to ward off the evil eye; and Leonardo da Vinci claimed that “amethyst dissipates evil thoughts and quickens intelligence.”

Making and Using Malas for Stress-Free Living. jewelry artist Alisa Hjermstad mindfulness healling gemstones beads

Assigning mystical and healing powers to stone, wood, and other types of natural beads continues to be a common practice of people throughout the world who find comfort and strength in using natural materials for healing. Perhaps this draw isn’t born of hard science, but it certainly piques our imagination, intuition, and creativity.

mandala kit mindfulness healling gemstones beads

Mindfulness and Healing with Natural Beads

Here you’ll find a list of some of the most popular natural materials used for healing and some of the benefits these materials are believed to possess:

Amazonite: luck, hope, prosperity, calm, truth, confidence; aids the throat and mind

Amethyst: intuition, spirituality, psychic awareness, balance; helps with meditation

Carnelian: willpower, creativity, focus, self-confidence; aids the sexual organs; helps with detoxification from drugs/alcohol

Citrine: energy, clarity, joy, wisdom, wealth, playfulness, optimism; helps with digestion and metabolism

Crystal quartz: spiritual energy, harmony, cleansing; assists with meditation

Garnet: passion, attraction, truth, clarity; helps ground the root chakra

Hematite: groundedness, dreams, protection

Howlite: calm, patience, emotional expression; aids with stress

Labradorite: intuition, protection, bravery; assists with chakras; useful for meditation

Lapis lazuli: intuition, wisdom, patience, discipline, overall well-being; supports the immune system

Malachite: protection, comfort, insight, leadership; supports the aura

Onyx: protection, balance, vigor, stamina, wisdom; helps stress and grief; supports the bones and blood

Pearl: purity, grace, integrity; supports the nervous, immune, and digestive systems and fertility

Peridot: health, wealth

Rhodochrosite/rhodonite: love, compassion, purification, detoxification; supports issues of the heart

Rose quartz: love, trust, cleansing, healing; aids forgiveness

Rosewood: protection, strength; repels negative energy; supports the immune and nervous systems

Rudraksha (seed): concentration, spirituality, confidence, courage

Tiger eye: groundedness, balance, calm; supports the hormones and circulation; aids meditation

Tulsi (wood): devotion, spirituality, protection; aids the aura

Turquoise: peace, overall well-being, truth, compassion, communication

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Portions excerpted from Malas: A How-To Guide for Making and Using Malas.

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