Metal Maven Helen Driggs Shares Some Jewelry Making Insights

When you think of metal jewelry-making mavens, Helen Driggs, Senior Editor of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist comes to mind. I took a moment to chat a bit about the magazine and I'd love to share with all you beady peeps!

Helen had a lot to say when I asked her if there are any beginning projects in Jewelry Artist Magazine:



Wired Steampunk Earrings
by Leslie Rogalski

“I usually gear my Cool Tools & Hip Tips column to beginner/intermediate jewelry makers, so that's always a fine place to go for those just starting out as metalworkers. In the upcoming April issue, I covered nonmetal stakes-kind of a focused topic for beginners, but I did provide basic information about stakes and metal forming as an intro to the technique.

And my good friend Lexi Erickson has an ongoing soldering series in every issue as well, which is a fine pace for beginners to learn.


Jewelry Artist is always a good source of information about gems and other materials for creating jewelry, and the latest issue covers sagenite, a lovely purple gemstone. Roger Halas created a companion project to go with the materials feature.


I think beginners could also learn a lot by reading Ask the Experts, Smokin' Stones, and Trends, three regularly appearing columns in each issue.”


Springtime with steampunk is my cure for this gosh, darn spring fever I’ve got these days. Time to breakout your stash of found objects and create some earring jewelry. Making your own earrings in less than three hours fits within my attention span these days, how about you?

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What a treat it is to chat with Helen about the fascinating world of metal! Take a peek at my bonus blog: Helen Driggs Shares More Jewelry Making Insights.

The best is yet to bead!



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