Melinda's Top 10 Lessons Learned from Beads

Top 10 Lessons Learned from Beads

In each issue of Beadwork we introduce our contributors in a fun way by asking them to answer a bead-related question, then we feature their answers in our Contributors department. With questions such as "Do you actually wear the jewelry you make?" and "How do you REALLY feel about shaped beads?" the answers we receive are always entertaining.

In our April/May 2015 issue, we asked our contributors, "What has beading taught you about yourself?" While beadweaving has taught me patience, as it has for many of our contributors, here are some of the more surprising lessons I've learned. Who doesn't love a good Top 10 list? Plus, with David Letterman retiring, I guess I'll have to start making my own Top 10!

1) "Just one more row" really means "just one more hour."

2) Bead names are the only thing more complicated than ordering at Starbucks. May I please have a non-fat caramel grande frappuccino no-whip latte to sip while I work prismatic right-angle weave with my new color-lined magenta AB luster rainbow hex-cut two-hole triangle cylinders?

If "prismatic right-angle weave" just made you scratch your head, check our list of webinars in the next few weeks for a can't-miss web seminar on this topic.

3) There's no easy way to decipher how beads are numbered: #460 is raspberry bronze….no, wait, #460F is blue……no, #460D is purple. Huh?

Let us help take the mystery and frustration out of ordering beads with our handy-dandy kits, including the kit at right that gives you everything you need to bead-crochet all 3 of Katie Wall's Diamondback Bangles.

4) Sometimes it's wise to call beads "groceries" so that your husband doesn't know how much you spend on beads.

5) When focused on a project for days on end, your only form of daylight might come from a fancy-schmancy lamp claiming to be the sun.

6) The black line left on the side of your finger (from FireLine) helps you identify other beaders in public places.

7) Shaped beads are like smartphones and tablets–they make it impossible to keep up with the latest inventions. Now this is something I can help you with! Check out my Beading with Shaped Beads video workshop.

8) The refrigerator isn't the oddest place you've found stray beads.

9) Bifocals are cool!

10) There's no better friend than one who understands your love of beads. Connect to other like-minded crafters via our Facebook page. 

On a more serious note, this issue reminded me how humbling beads can be. I know I'm not alone when I say that bead crochet is a tough one to master! Cubic RAW, no problem. Spiral herringbone, no problem. African helix, no problem. But there's something about bead crochet that makes many want to throw in the towel and run for the hills.

Don't dismay, Beadwork has your back with this issue's in-depth 3-page Bead Crochet Ropes 101 feature by Associate Editor Barb Switzer.

Plus, join Barb while she makes the bangle step by step in our latest Beadwork Magazine Project Workshop video. You'll be making Katie Wall's striking Diamondback Bangles on our April/May 2015 issue's cover in no time.


Want more laughs? Watch Stuff Beaders Say over at YouTube!

Happy beading,
Melinda Barta
Editor, Beadwork magazine


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