Meet New Editor Tammy Honaman

What a pleasure to be able to make this announcement today. DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

Meet your new editor, Tammy Honaman!


Many of you know Tammy through her vibrant presence in the bead and jewelry communities. She has appeared on countless jewelry-making television shows, how-to videos, and you’ll always see her smiling face at bead shows. I know Tammy as a long-time colleague…she was even my boss at one point when I was freelancing! I admire Tammy’s diligence, commitment to the community, curious mind, and unceasing creative exploration. We are just thrilled that she’ll be part of the Beading Daily crew.

I got to chat with Tammy a bit about her history in the community and her dreams for

Q: We are so excited to have you join the Beading Daily community, Tammy! But I happen to know this isn’t the first time you’ve been around this block… Can you share a little bit about how your journey through the beading/jewelry-making worlds got you here?

A: I am truly excited to be joining the team and community at Beading Daily. What an honor to be with all of you!

The path that led me here has been chock full of adventure, exciting times, and wonderful people. My professional jewelry-making and beading adventure started at Lapidary Journal, where I worked for many years as an editor under Merle White and alongside Denise Peck. While there, I helped launch and grow the successful title Step by Step Beads, and as a team, we launched Bead Fest. It was an exciting and wonderful time.

I joined Fire Mountain Gems and Beads as a Content Manager, helping grow their catalog and online jewelry-making and beading education. While there, we supported 13 seasons of “Beads, Baubles & Jewels,” produced jewelry-making DVDs, and developed the Ask the Experts forum. Along the way I have also had the pleasure of working with other industry leaders, offering them education and designs; contributed jewelry-making and beading projects to different publications; have enjoyed being part of the Swarovski Ambassador program; and now hold the honor of Swarovski Authorized Instructor. I’m certified to teach both PMC and Art Clay metal clay brands and I enjoy teaching at shows across the country and abroad.

What I love most is sharing all I have been blessed to learn. As each day unfolds, I look forward to learning and sharing more.

Q: What kind of things are you interested in sharing with us on

A: I look forward to sharing my passion for jewelry making and beading. I also look forward to bringing great projects and designs from amazing designers I have the privilege to meet in my travels and from those who contribute to the wonderful communities and publications by F+W.

Q: Are there trends in the beading world that make you especially excited or intrigued?

A: I’m intrigued by all the new beads on the market and how everyone is working with them. All I have seen so far brings the brings to mind the phrase, “the possibilities are endless!”

Q: Are you more comfortable with beads on a needle and thread, on some stringing wire, on silver wire, or just tucked away in your stash?

A: I bounce between so many different mediums when designing, but feel most comfortable knowing my beads, various threads, and different sized needles are always at the ready. When I travel and take a project on the road, there is always some FireLine, size 10 and size 12 needles, seed beads, and Swarovski crystals in my stash… just in case!


A tassel by Tammy Honaman featuring her PMC findings, wire mesh, ribbon, chain, wirework, and crystals

Q: Speaking of bead stash…Would yours best fit into a fanny pack, tackle box, Volkswagen, 18-wheeler, or swimming pool?

A: I think my stash is manageable and maybe suitable for a tackle box, but if I were to be honest with myself, I think a swimming pool would be a great place to store my supplies. I would put tools in the shallow end, books and magazines around the perimeter, and shelving with containers of beads and materials lined up to fill the center.

Q: I know you love all types of beads, but when you shut your eyes and think about them, which kind pops up first?

A: Swarovski crystals!

Q: If you had big feathery wings and could fly, what would you do first?

A: What a wonderful question. I would fly across the country from East to West, leaving at sun up and trying to make the Pacific by sun down.

When emailing with Tammy recently she wrote, “Thank you for welcoming me – it feels like I’m joining friends at a party.” And that she is! Please join me in giving Tammy a hearty welcome to this party called Beading Daily.

Happy beading-


Jean Cox, Beading editorial director

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  1. Pamela H at 9:01 am September 15, 2017

    Hi Tammy, where can I find images like the one you used in your Zen pendant?

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