Meet the Faces Behind Our Beading Online Workshops

When we take a beading workshop, whether online or in person, we’re participating in something that ties us to others through a common passion. The experience opens us to new possibilities and perspectives, giving us a renewed excitement for our craft.

ABOVE: Hone your craft and be a part of a larger community with Online Workshops! Pictured here: Kinga Nichols’ course 3D Layering Bezels.

All this creative hustle and bustle is what makes a subscription to Interweave’s Online Workshops such a great resource. The instructors are there whenever you log in, ready to enter your living room with a smile as they teach you techniques, share their stories, and talk about what inspires them.

Join your favorite instructors anywhere, anytime with Online Workshops.

Join your favorite beading instructors anywhere, anytime with Online Workshops.

In online classes just as face-to-face, we learn the unique ways that these artists approach their work. Carol Cypher finds a meditative focus in both beading and — wait for it — motorcycling. Sherry Sherafini views each project as a puzzle just waiting to be built. Jill Wiseman and Kelly Wiese offer positive words for those moments when something didn’t work out. In every course, we find out what inspires the fiercely creative passions of our favorite artists.

I love watching online workshops for these inspiring, educational, and funny moments of connection. Below, take a peek at some of these moments. Click on each card to reveal the smiling face behind the words.

Online Workshops: Meet the Artists

Kinga Nichols

Sherry Serafini

Tammy Honaman

Carol Cypher

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Jill Wiseman

Marcia DeCoster

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Melinda Barta

Kristal Wick

Kelly Wiese

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Nancy Eha

Carolyn Edlund

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When you subscribe, you can enter the creative worlds of all these instructors in our library of beading and jewelry-making courses. You’ll have access to all levels of technique-based instruction, inspirational ideas, and a community of beaders that you can connect with via our discussion boards. Join the fun!

Go be creative!
Tamara Kula
Producer, Bead & Jewelry Group

Grow your passion with Interweave’s Online Beading & Jewelry Workshops!

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