Match Your Jewelry to Your Neckline

Match Your Jewelry to Your Neckline

In the winter issue of Stringing, there's a great article titled "Jewelry Rules: How to Accessorize 5 Favorite Tops."  The basic idea is that different types of necklines work best with different types of jewelry.  I found the article fascinating–probably because I've figured this out only with a lot of trial and error!

How to Accessorize a Halter Top

Stringing editor Danielle Fox challenged me to make a pair of "statement" earrings, one of the suggested types of jewelry for a high halter top.  This was a tough assignment for me; I personally prefer small, delicate earrings.  Part of the problem I have with large earrings is that they tend to be heavy and a little hard on your ears.  Some women are happy to suffer in the name of fashion.  I am not one of them!

So part of my personal challenge was to create large earrings that were wearable and comfortable.  Clip-on disks with small loops at the bottom proved useful for this oversized earring style, distributing the weight of the earring over more of your ear than a traditional tiny earring post.  Filigree pendants gave the earrings an oversized look, but felt much lighter than a solid piece of metal.

Just How Big are These Earrings?

If you sell or buy your jewelry or beads online, you know that size is one of those things that is very hard to convey.  So for this project, I wanted to include a photograph that gave a sense of scale.

Of course, the logical thing would have been to find a model, but that proved difficult.  (I'm telling myself it was the halter top part of the equation that scared people and not the earrings themselves!) 

Many jewelers use coins to show scale, but I wanted to find something that might translate a bit more internationally.  The earrings measure 3 1/2 inches, the same height (but luckily not the same weight!) as a bar of soap.  

I'd love to know how other folks have dealt with this problem of scale in jewelry photographs.  What's your favorite prop for showing how large or small something is?  Or do you just model everything on a person?  Share your ideas on the website

New Free Project
She Bop
Michelle Mach

Turn necklace pendants and large crystals into statement earrings that are sure to get you noticed while out on the town.  Clip-ons, rather than pierced earring findings, make these earrings surprisingly wearable.  (And yes, I named them after the Cyndi Lauper song.) 

For more ideas on matching your jewelry to your clothing, see the winter 2008 issue of Stringing magazine or subscribe to Stringing today.  The article "Jewelry Rules:  How to Accessorize 5 Favorite Tops" offers advice from professional organizer and stylist Liz Canavan.  She gives multiple suggestions on what types of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to wear with a scoopneck, v-neck, cowl-neck or turtleneck, collared, or strapless neckline.  Both general suggestions ("a chunky necklace") and specific projects from the magazine ("Angela's Ice" by Denise Yezbak Moore) are given, so you have lots of options.  Enjoy!

Michelle Mach shares free projects every Friday on Beading Daily.  If you have comments or questions for Michelle, please post them on the website.

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