Match Pantone's Spring Colors to Your Bead Stash

I always get excited when Pantone releases their fashion color reports. These color-splot lists feature the shades top fashion designers are using on the runways for any given season. Spring 2011's report has an "exotic journey" theme, with the designers citing their color influences as anywhere from New Wave French electronica (Honeysuckle) to Peruvian textiles (Regatta) to a 1950s garden party (Lavender). The great thing for us jewelry designers is that these reports can give us a leg up on one area of design that many of us struggle with: color. Why not rely on the pros to help us be fashion forward?

Beader and color expert Margie Deeb compiles a beautiful report each season based on the new Pantone color list, giving examples of how to incorporate the hottest colors into beadwork. So today I've taken Margie's lead and done my best to match five of the hottest colors to beads in my stash; I've also given some suggestions of seed bead, cylinder bead, crystal, and stone types that come close to the colors featured here:

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Honeysuckle (Pantone 18-2120)

Honeysuckle is a beautiful bright rosy color that looks great with taupe, jade, or grape. You might find this color in your bead stash with these supplies:

Round seed beads: Transparent fuchsia luster (Miyuki #SB3256) or hot-pink-lined crystal (Toho #350)

Cylinder beads: Color-lined clear reddish pink (Delica #DB0914) or hot-pink-lined crystal rainbow (Aiko #785)

Crystals: Indian Pink (Swarovski #289)

Stones: Rose quartz, stichtite, rhodochrosite

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Russett (Pantone 18-1235)

Russet is like a dark sepia, a rich light brown that reminds one of old travel trunks or leather bags. It pairs nicely with navy, blue, and black.

Seed beads: Copper-lined transparent light amber (Miyuki #SB3166) or light brick-red-lined topaz (Toho #951)

Cylinder beads: Matte metallic copper-plated (Delica #DB0340) or cranberry iris (Toho #454)

Crystals: Light smoked topaz (Swarovski #221)

Stones: Agate or petrified wood

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Regatta (Pantone 18-4039)

This shocking blue evokes the rich blues found in Latin American artworks. Pair it with bright oranges, yellows, and pinks to keep the intensity or a blue gray to tone it down.

Seed beads: Transparent deep sky blue (Miyuki #SB3387) or dark aqua transparent (Toho #3C)

Cylinder beads: Transparent aqua (Delica #DB0079) or medium blue opaque (Aiko #43D)

Crystals: Capri blue (Swarovski #243)

Stones: Lapis lazuli or aquamarine



Beeswax (Pantone 14-0941)

This happy color is slightly mustard, kind of ocher, and a little bit tawny. Pair it with black, white, brown, or purple.

Seed beads: Mustard-lined transparent light amber (Miyuki #1872) or squash-lined topaz (Toho #950)

Cylinder beads: Semi-matte transparent silver-lined butterscotch (Delica #DB0621) or butterscotch opaque luster (Aiko #124B)

Crystals: Sunflower (Swarovski #292)

Stones: Citrine or yellow jade



Lavender (Pantone 15-3817)

This classic blue/purple color is soft and light and a great complement to cream, yellow, and pink

Seed beads: Violet-lined transparent palest amber (Miyuki #SB3309) or pink-lined dark aqua (Toho #938)

Cylinder beads: Transparent lavender cloud (Delica #1407) or lavender blue gold luster (Aiko #327)

Crystals: Provence lavender (Swarovski #283)

Stones: Light amethyst or tanzanite

Maybe this list will help you launch yourself into more fashion-forward beading? Or maybe you're looking for even more beading advice? Then check out all the great tips and techniques you'll find about color, design, and beading in every issue of Beadwork, a magazine near and dear to my heart.

Happy beading-

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